Spinal Cord & tracts

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  1. What is the spinal cord protected by?
    meninges and its three layers
  2. What is the only difference from the brain & dura matter?
    dura matter does not attach to bone, it is surrounded externally by layer of cushioning fat called epidural space
  3. White matter & gray matter
    • white matter - transport to signal
    • gray matter - integration site
  4. Spinal tracts
    known as sensory & motor pathways consisting of multineuron pathways connecting CNS to PNS
  5. Ascending (sensory) pathway
    has four main ascending tracts conducting afferent signals with two sending it to cerebral cortex (dorsal column & spinothalamic pathway) and two to cerebellum (posterior & anterior spinocerebellar pathways)
  6. dorsal column pathway
    carries signal of fine touch, pressure, & proprioception
  7. spinothalamic pathway
    carries signals of pain, temperature, deep pressure, & course touch
  8. Posterior & anterior spinocerebellar pathways
    carry subsconcious proprioception
  9. Descending (motor pathways)
    divided into pyramidal (corticospinal) tracts or all others with all these type of tracts cross over at some point
  10. Pyramidal (corticospinal) tracts
    control skill motor (precise movement) from brain
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