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  1. xrays for marginal periodontitis?
    ant PA, post BW
  2. should a complete denture pt get a pan
  3. what imaging is indicated when the lesion extends beyond the jaws (like into the max sinus)
    advanced imaging
  4. diagnose and tell which radiographic view it is
    Image Upload 1
    osteosarcoma. PA view
  5. Image Upload 2
  6. can CT scans or CBCTs be used to get precise measurements for implant placement
  7. which radiographic modality do you use to check trauma on 1 tooth
  8. optimal projection for body or angle of mandible Fx?
    reverse towns
  9. Image Upload 3
  10. Patients who are in pain may not be ableto tolerate periapical films.
    • Occlusalviews and panoramic projections may beused. Keep in mind that
    • panoramicprojections do not provide optimal viewsof the anterior
  11. radiographs in preggers?
    Although t oug the dose received by a fetus duringpregnancy from a FMS is negligible, oursensibilities tell us to limit dental radiographs todiagnosis and treatment of emergency conditionsonly
  12. Image Upload 4
    bisphosphonate-related ONJ
  13. Image Upload 5
    1.Outer table2. Inner table3. Frontal sinus4. Supraorbital margin5. Oblique orbital line6. Internal auditory canal7. Crista falciformisS. Vestibule9. Roof of petrous ridge10. Crista Galli11. Coronoid process of mandible12. Nasal septum13. Floor of posterior cranial fossa14. Lambdoid suture .15. Coronal suture16. Ethmoid sinus17. Planum sphenoidaleIS. Anterior clinoid process19. Superior orbital fissure20. Mastoid air cells in mastoid tip
  14. Image Upload 6
    1. Foramen spino5um2. Foramen ovale3. Lateral pterygoid plate4. Anterior wall of internal auditory canal5. Posterior margin of foramen magnum6. Odontoid7. Pterygoid fossa8. Posterior wall of internal auditory canalg. Coronoid process of mandible10. Anterior margin of middle fossa11. Lateral wall of maxillary sinus12. Posterior wall of orbit13. Mandibular condyle14. Middle ear ossicular chain15. Rostrum vomer16. Inion17. Inner table18. Outer table19. Posterior fossa20. Sphenoid sinus21. Anterior arch of C-l22. Mastoid air cells23. Cleft in anterior arch of C-l24. Zygomatic arch25. Internal auditory canal26. Foramen magnum27. Oropharynx28. Extent of maxillary sinusSubmitted by:
  15. when to do CT vs MRI
    • § CT imaging is useful for
    • large scale dentoalveolar traumas

    • § MRI is useful for soft tissue
    • injuries to the TMJ.
  16. sequelae for dental consussion
    § Apical rarefying osteitis,

    internal resorption, calcified pulp chamber
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