fun with me week 2

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  1. Touch N Go

    couple of Hand Targets and then "go" on random one
    • Touch N Go is extending the Hand Touch Game to add a fun "random" element.
    • Hand Touch - Treat
    • Hand Touch - Treat
    • Hand Touch - Run away (Go!) Treat/tug
  2. Sit is a Reward

    Best if dog can Tug
    This helps Teach that Sitting (or downing) is fun and rewarding.

    When dog is engaged, take the tug away saying (not give, just something like Mine! THEN wait to see what dog does..... If she or he sits - RELEASE (use release word) and take off running. The minute the dog’s rear hits the ground, say “yes” (or click) and release and run. If she or he disengages and looks away at the beginning of the game, you may need to work on just keeping her or his focus for the tug game first — tug — take away— tug — take away until she or he gets that part, so that the taking the toy away isn’t a game ending exercise — it’s a game “beginning one”!! Your toy “take away”should result in the next behavior of sit with intense focus!
  3. Moving Spin & Reward

    (Kinda like an about turn reward)
    • This is The phase of Reward Zone (Reinforcement Zone)
    • You will Spin in Place (like an about turn or 360 turn), have dog follow you, and Treat in the Zone.

    Follow, turn Turn Tight, Be where you expect (reward zone)
  4. Hide N Seek

    Run - Away - Hide when and your dog needs to find you
    Its as easy as it sounds.
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