Isoproterenol (Isuprel)

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  1. Class
    Sympathetic agonist
  2. Description
    Isoproterenol is a synthetic catecholamine. It acts primarily on Beta adrenergic receptors.
  3. Mechanism of Action
    A potent, synthetic catecholamine that increases HR in bradycardia that are refractory to Atropine. Increases cardiac contractile force, causes bronchodilation.
  4. Onset of Action
    • Onset: Immediate
    • Peak: <1min
    • Duration: Varies
    • Half-Life: <1.5min
  5. Indications
    Bradycardias refractory to Atropine
  6. Contraindications
    Should not be used to increase blood pressure in cardiogenic shock.
  7. Precautions
    Ventricular irritability, can be deactivated by alkaline solutions, should be used with caution for recent MI, external pacing, if available, should be used instead of isoproterenol. But may be going back to "meds" to increase rate to TCP no being as effective as once thought.
  8. Side Effects
    Headache, palpitations, tachydysrythmias, tremors.
  9. Adult Dose
    1mg should be placed in 500ml of D5W and then slowly infused at 2-10ug/min and titrated until the desired rate is obtained or PVC occur.
  10. Pedi Dose
  11. Max Dose
  12. Routes of Administration
  13. How Supplied
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