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  1. How have the Psalms retained their appeal through the ages?
    They appeal to the whole person
  2. What is the purpose of How to Read the Psalms?
    To deepen our love for the Lord by increasing our understanding of this important portion of his word
  3. In what three ways are the psalms distant from us?
    Historically, Culturally, and theologically
  4. What is the ultimate purpose of studying the psalms?
    To know God better through his word
  5. What is Longman's definition of genre?
    A group of texts similar in their mood, content, structure, and phraseology
  6. Why is it important to identify the genre of a particular text?
    It determines the reading strategy of a particular text
  7. "In other words, we need to be --------- as we speak of a psalms genre."
  8. Generally speaking, all psalms are in which genre?
  9. List the seven categories of the genres of psalms that Longman mentions.
    hymn, lament, thanksgiving psalm, psalm of rememberance, psalm of confidence, wisdom psalm, and kingship psalm
  10. Hymns are easily recognised by what?
    Their exuberant praise of the Lord
  11. What three elements are usually included in hymns?
    • 1. Begin with call to worship
    • 2. Continue by expanding on the reasons why
    • 3. Often include and sometimes conclude with further calls to praise
  12. The lament is primarily defined by its -------.
  13. What are the three types of complaints often found in laments?
    • 1. Pslamist may be troubled by his own thoughts and actions
    • 2. He may complain about the actions of others against him (the "enemies")
    • 3. He may be frustrated by God himself
  14. List the seven elements that are usually found in laments.
    • 1. invocation
    • 2. plea to God for help
    • 3. complaints
    • 4. confession of sin or assertion of innocence
    • 5. curse of enemies (imprecation)
    • 6. confidence in God's response
    • 7. hymn or blessing
  15. The thanksgiving psalm is a response to what?
    An answered lament
  16. The thanksgiving psalm is most easily identified by what?
    A reststement of the lament
  17. What attitude dominates psalms of confidence?
    Feelings of trust
  18. Which two historical events are often cited in the psalms of rememberance?
    The exodus and the establishment of the davidic dynasty through covenant
  19. Which two groups of people are often contrasted in wisdom psalms?
    wicked men and righteous men
  20. The two groups of kingship psalms focus of which two types of kings?
    The human king and God is king
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