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  1. What is an allergic reaction?
    An exaggerated immune response to any substance.
  2. What are two most common signs of anaphylaxis?
    Wheezing and Urticaria.
  3. What are 5 common allergens?
    • 1. Insect bites and stings
    • 2. Medications
    • 3. Plants
    • 4. Food
    • 5. Chemicals
  4. What insect can sting more then once?
    Wasp, hornets and fire ants.
  5. What do you remove a stinger with?
    Stiff, sharp edge object, like a credit card.
  6. Signs and symptoms of insect stings and bites
    • Wheal, raised swollen, well defined area.
    • Swelling, localized heat and redness
  7. Whats the medical term for hives?
  8. Six steps for using an auto-injector
    • 1. Remove the safety cap
    • 2. Place the tip of the auto-injector against the lateral part of the pt's thigh.
    • 3. Push the injector firmly
    • 4. Remove the injector
    • 5. Record the time and dose.
    • 6. Reassess and record vital signs
  9. What causes wheezing in anaphylaxis?
    Broncho spasms, chest tightening
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