macbeth Act V

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  1. What is the doctor's diagnosis?
    Where are the soldiers going to meet? Who is there?
    • she has too much guilt; she needs God
    • near Birnam Wood; Malcolm, his uncle Siward, and Macduff
  2. What is the reason they say people listen to Macbeth?
    What is Macbeth clinging to as hope?
    • they lissen because they are commanded to, not because of love
    • till Birnam Wood move to Dunsinane he doesn't need to fear and no man born to woman can hurt him
  3. What soldiers (from what country) are they from?
    Whta is the servant's name?
    • England (the English force)
    • Seyton
  4. What does Macbeth tell the doctor to do to his wife?
    What else does he ask him?
    • wipe clean her memory; and erase the troubles of the brain
    • find the disease of his land, of his people, and make it better (bring land back to old ways)
  5. What is Malcolm's plan?
    Who is a new soldier mentioned in Scene II and Scene IV?
    • carry a branch in front of him so they could shadow the number of actual soldiers
    • Mentieth
  6. What does a messenger report to Macbeth?
    Who will lead the first battle?
    • he says that it appears that the wood was moving
    • Old Siward and his son
  7. What is Macbeth's very last hope?
    Who does Macbeth kill?
    • no man that was born to woman can hurt him
    • Young Siward
  8. Why does Macduff say he can't fight the soldiers?
    What does Old Siward mean when he says "The tyrant's people on both sides do fight?"
    • he can't kill the soldiers who were paid to fight
    • - they are paid to fight for Macbeth, but they really want to fight for Malcolm
  9. What does Macbeth tell Macduff? What does Macduff reply?
    • Macbeth says he can't be harmed by anyone born to woman
    • Macduff says that he was untimely ripped; aka a C-section
  10. What does Macbeth say the witches do? And after Macduff tells him what he tells him, what does Macbeth not want to do?
    • they equivocate the truth; make it sound like one thing when its the other
    • he no longer wants to fight Macduff
  11. When Ross tells Siward that Young Siward is dead, what is Siward's reaction?
    He says that he would not wish them to a fairer death because he had his hurts on the front meaning he did not run. He is proud his son died a noble death
  12. What does Malcolm think Lady Macduff did?
    killed herself
  13. Describe what the doctor observes?
    • Lady MB sleep walking and hears her talking about Duncan and Banquo and blood and the wife of Macduff
    • sleepwalks: grabs paper, folds it, and writes on it, reads it, seals it and goes back to bed
  14. Why does the doctor conclude that she needs more help than a physician cna give her?
    because of her unnatural deeds and her secrets; he can cure them; she needs god's forgiveness; she is feeling really guilty; emotionally disturbed
  15. Whose side are Lennox, Angus, Menteith, and Caithness on?
    Mlacolm and the english's side, as well as Macduff's
  16. What is Macbeth's regret in his "my way of life is fallen into the sear" sppech?
    his life is ending- ending of his life (coming) he has no friends, and people curse him and hate him
  17. Whta is Lady Macbeth's condition and how does Macbeth believe it could be cured?
    • she is very sick and like on her deathbed; due to guilt
    • he wants to take bad memories away from her
  18. What tactical strategy does malcolm take? (What is his plan for surprising Macbeth's castle)?
    their in great Birnam Wood forest, as camouflage. They woun't be able to tell how many people are there; can't tell how many people
  19. What tragedy occurs in Scene V? What is Macbeth's response?
    • Lady Macbeth dies
    • not upset; she should've died another day; would've died at some pint; he just wishes it was later so that he could mourn over it; now he cant because he has to defend the castle
  20. What is the next piece of alarming news that a messenger brings?
    he saw the Wood of Birnham moving
  21. What does Macbeth realize about the witch's prophecies? How does this fit hte foul is fair theme?
    their prophecies sound like one thing but mean another thing; they sound good, but really cause the downfall; they are opposite of the true meanign
  22. As bad as things look for Macbeth, why does he still think hes safe?
    he still holds ontot he fact of not being born woman (not born naturally); the tress did not literally get up and move
  23. What is the meaning of Siward's statement that Macbeth's men on both sides do fight?
    they fight for macbeth because they are paid to do so; it is their job (mercenaries); however, they do not have loyalty to Macbeth; if they could, they'd fight for malcolm
  24. What info does macduff tell macbeth about himself that finally frightens Macbeth (Cow'd my better part?)
    he wasn't born by woman; he was forced out by C- section
  25. What is Macbeth's response?
    he will not fight him
  26. Why does he quickly change his mind about fighting?
    • because he will not bow down to Malcolm
    • instead of being captured and displayed like an animal (show of the town) and being laughed at, he'll do it notably
  27. Whta happens at the end of the play?
    Macbeth is dead; Macduff gives the crown to Malcolm
  28. Briefly describe scene 6?
    Macduff and all prepared for battle; who's fighting where (close enough to attack)
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