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  1. I don't speak French
    (Non) Jeu neu parr(ll) pa Frauncé.
  2. The French (language)
    Leu Fráncé
  3. The English (language)
  4. I speak English
    Jeu parr éngle.
  5. Do you speak English?
    Tcu parr E'ngle?
  6. Do you speak French?
    • Esca tcu parr Francé?
    • Parlez vvu Francé?
  7. To understand.
  8. I understand.
    Jeu c'eump(w)ê
  9. I understand English
    Jeu c'eump(w)ê L'engle
  10. I don't understand.
    Jeu neu c'eump(w)ê parr.
  11. Do you understand?
    Tcu c'eump(w)ê parr?
  12. Where is the ---- please?
    U s'etu ---- si vu ple?
  13. The tourist office
    L'office de tourism
  14. Go straight ahead.
    All-e tu dua
  15. Turn right.
    Tu-er-ne a duat
  16. Turn left.
    Tu-er-ne a gwush.
  17. And then.
    E pwi.
  18. Is it far from her?
    Esca si lu-en di si?
  19. Is it near here?
    Esca si pre di si?
  20. A coffee.
    En caffe.
  21. A coffee with.
    En caffe o le.
  22. A tea.
    An te.
  23. A tea with milk.
    An te o le.
  24. A hot chocolate.
    En chocola.
  25. Juice
    En jui.
  26. An orange juice.
    An jui d'or onj
  27. Some water.
    D'e leu.
  28. Water.
  29. Flat water.
    D'eu leu plat.
  30. A beer.
    Un bi-er
  31. A glass of wine.
    A verr du va(n)
  32. I would like.
    Jeu vu dre.
  33. What would you like?
    Cesca vu de(s) i re?

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