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  1. 1. Drums or carboys shall not be stacked more than -_____containers high unless they are placed on ___and may not be stacked more than _____ feet high.

    two, pallets, 12
  2. 2. Corrosive materials shall be stored separately from

    Oxidizing Materials, flammable solids, liquids or gasses , Dangerous chemical, on- compatible materials.
  3. 3. Flammable aerosols are classified as a Class __liquid according to Division ____ of the fire code and when displayed for sale are limited to___ gallons, The amount maybe increased to ___ gallons if area is protected by _________

    1A, 30, 30, 60, sprinklered buildings
  4. 4. Ammunition (Div. 55) applies to ____ caliber or_____ and designed to be fired from ________, __________or ___________.

    .75, less, pistol, rifle, shotgun , automatic weapon
  5. 5. Storage of over 1000 lbs. of ammunition requires the approval of ammunition requires the approval of ______ as to ______, ______, _______, and ________.
    Fire Prevention Bureau, location, fure protection eq. , warning placecards, and signs.
  6. 6. 500 lbs. of ammunition or less must be _____ from ___________and sources of _____or _________and stored in ________and stacked in a well __________.

    isolated, cumbustibles , heat, ignition, close containers, ventilated area.
  7. 7. When the storage of ammunition exceeds 500 lbs. an additional ____________ shall be provided. Quantities in excess of 5,000 lbs. shall be stored in a ____of _______ fire resistive construction. Ammunition shall not be stored with Class __ or ___ explosives unless approved by the________

    Portable fire extinguishers, room, 1 hr, a, b, chief.
  8. 8. Quantities of ammunition over _____ require a ________as specified in Division___ of the fire code.

    1000 lbs, fire permit, 4
  9. 9. Auto fueling stations is defined as any _____ used for dispensing _____, or __________- or __________ from an approved dispensing apparatus into the _______ of a _______________ or approved portable container.

    structure, class 1 liquids, class 2, class 3 LFG, fuel tank, mortor vehicle.
  10. 10. Mechanical ventilation if part of any dispenser must _____when in use. Drainage where vehicles are fueled the drainage shall _____flow into ______ or any area where it would constitute a _____or ______ hazard.

    operate, not , buildings, fire, explosive
  11. 11. Whenever sweeping compounds are used, it must be _________and stored in an all ______________with a_________. The transfer between tanks shall only be done using approved ________ equipment and not with _____________

    removed, metal containers, tight fittings lid, transfer , regular dispensors
  12. 12. Containers over____ gallons shall not be stored at ____________or public ____________ unless all _______ have been removed. No open flames are allowed within ____

    feet of any dispenser except approved ______.Heaters shall be located at leased _____with in reach of __________________________.

    five, auto fueling station, garage premises, vapors, 25 feet , heaters, 10,reach of a fuel nozzle
  13. 13. Self-service dispensing maybe allowed provided

    • 1. that approved remote control console or other approved system is installed
    • 2. that automatic ozzles with latch opens devices, where installed approved type and prperly maintened in good repair.
    • 3. that there is vail fire permit for the particular type f auto fueling operation at each auto station location
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