Geo Notes: French Rev (Northern)

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  1. Architect
    • chateaux- castles
    • --blend of Gothic towers/window & Italian classical arches
  2. Michel de Montaigne
    personal essay literary form
  3. François Rabelais
    Most popular Renaissance author (France's)
  4. Desiderius Erasmus
    • inspired colleagues to study Greek & hebrew so could understand older versions of the Bible
    • made people take more critical view of society
    • wrote The Praise of Folly
  5. Northern European Painters (style)
    style based more on midevil than classical models
  6. Jan & Hubert van Eyck
    • led group of flemish painters
    • painted Bible scenes & daily life
    • developed painting in oils
  7. Pieter Brueghel
    • painter
    • combined Italian technique w/ artistic traditions of homelands
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