SAT Vocab #32-33

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  1. antipathy
    (n) opposition in feeling; aversion or dislike
  2. argot
    (n) slang; dialect
  3. cadaverous
    (adj) having the qualities of a cadaver; pale or ghastly; gaunt and haggard
  4. consummate
    (adj) accomplished; complete; ultimate
  5. dilettante
    (n) a lover of the fine arts; a dabbler or amateur artist
  6. dulcet
    (adj) sweet to the ear; melodious; soothing
  7. exigency
    (n) urgent want; a case demanding action or remedy; need or necessity
  8. exotic
    (adj) foreign; extraneous
  9. histrionic
    (adj) pertaining to the stage or actors; dramatic; theatrical
  10. inure
    (v) to accustom to something hard or painful; harden; habituate
  11. megalomania
    (adj) a mental condition in which the patient has grandiose delusions
  12. platitude
    (n) a flat, worn-out utterance; a dull truism; a commonplace
  13. salient
    (adj) prominent; conspicuous, noticeable
  14. tedium
    (n) boredom
  15. truism
    (n) a self-evident truth, especially one too obvious to mention
  16. amadelphous
    (adj) gregarious, enjoying the company of others
  17. borborygm
    (n) a growling in the stomach
  18. cataglottism
    (n) passionate kissing
  19. chrematistic
    (adj) preoccupied with becoming rich
  20. coprolalia
    (n) foul speech
  21. eumoirous
    (adj) lucky in being happily innocent and good
  22. eximious
    (adj) select or excellent
  23. farctate
    (adj) stuffed with or full of food
  24. graveolence
    (n) a strong and offensive smell
  25. manducate
    (v) to chew
  26. merdiverous
    (adj) dung-eating
  27. oikotropic
    (adj) homesick
  28. siffilate
    (v) to whisper
  29. tentiginous
    (adj) provoking lust
  30. uxorious
    (adj) overly devoted to one's wife
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