SF340 Auto Pilot/Flight Director

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  1. What does an amber RUD, AIL, EL annunciation on the EADI indicate? 3-1
    Sustained servo actuator overload
  2. What does a Red AUTO TRIM on the CWP indicate? 3-1
    Extreme elevator or rudder servo actuator overload
  3. What other light would be expected with a Red AUTO TRIM light? 3-1
    Master Warning
  4. What 2 ways can the HDG bug be moved? 3-1
    • HDG knob on the course/heading panel (CHP)
    • TURN knob on the Autopilot Panel (APP)
  5. What F/D modes are not selectable from the Mode Select Panel (MSP)? 3-2
    GA, PTCH, and ALTS
  6. What information is displayed when the Go Around button is pushed? 3-4
    Heading hold and nose up pitch
  7. What will cause the Auto Pilot to disconnect? 3-6
    • Pushing either AP disconnect button on either control wheel
    • Using a Main or STBY Pitch Trim
    • Selecting AP or YD switch to disengage
    • Pushing either GA button
    • Pulling the AP or FD circuit breakers
    • AP or FD Failure
    • Stall warning activation
  8. What warnings are given when the YD is disengaged? 3-6
    A yellow box with YD inside appears on left side of EADI no audible warning
  9. What does the NAV mode in white indicate? 3-7
    NAV is armed and waiting to capture
  10. When is 1/2 Bank inhibited? 3-8
    During both NAV and APPR mode after LOC capture
  11. How is a back course selected? 3-8
    The HSI course pointer is set to the localizer front course
  12. Can APPR mode track a VOR? 3-8
    Yes, but it will be more sensitive
  13. While in APPR mode can the FD command bars be cancelled? 3-8
  14. What is the difference between APPR mode and NAV mode on an ILS? 3-8
    APPR mode will track a GS and NAV mode will not track GS
  15. How is a NAV mode cleared? 3-8
    Selecting HDG or APPR
  16. Is the HDG bug active after pressing APPR mode or NAV mode on the MSP? 3-8
    Yes, the HDG bug is active until the LOC or VOR captures
  17. What basic modes are displayed after initial power up for the FD? 3-8
    HDG and VS
  18. If GS is intercepted prior to the LOC how does the FD respond? 3-9
    GS is not captured unless LOC is captured first
  19. What is the function of 1/2 Bank mode? 3-9
    Reduces bank angles from 27º to 13.5º in HDG and NAV modes
  20. What if any indications are displayed on the EADI when 1/2 Bank is selected? 3-9
    No indications displayed, just the light on the 1/2 Bank push button illuminated
  21. While in ALTS or with GS captured, pressing the pitch wheel will do what? 3-9
    Nothing. ALTS and GS captured inhibit the pitch wheel
  22. Where is the flight advisory speed displayed? 3-9
    In the upper right corner of the EADI when ALT or ALTS has captured
  23. When in GA mode what does pressing the VERT SYNC button do? 3-10
    Changes to PTCH mode and captures the current pitch angle
  24. What performance does CLIMB mode give? 3-10
    At least 100 fpm climb till airspeed reaches stall speed
  25. What are the 3 speeds for Climb mode? 3-10
    High=180, Med=160, Low=140 (dependent on altitude)
  26. How is the FD put into PTCH mode? 3-10
    • VERT SYNC pushbutton is depressed in GA mode
    • Glideslope signal is lost after GS capture
    • Air Data system failure occurs
  27. What is the purpose of the NAV L/R button light on the glare shield? 3-11
    Used to couple left or right navigation source to the FD
  28. A DR displayed in the upper left while in NAV mode indicated what? 3-13
    Dead reckoning
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