eye drugs

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  1. Indications for timolol?
    • Occular hypertension
    • Glaucoma
  2. Precautions for timolol?
    • Asthma -- contraindicated
    • Bradyarrhythmias -- contraindicated
    • Elderly -- increases falls risk
  3. Adverse effects of timolol?
    • Stinging
    • bradycardia -- most important
    • fatigue, confusion, hallucinations
  4. Dose of timolol?
    1 drop of 0.25% once or twice daily in each eye
  5. Counselling for timolol?
    Gel: store bottle upside down after opening so that gel collects in the bottle neck and stops bubbles forming as it is applied.
  6. Indications for latanoprost?
    • Glaucoma
    • Occular hypertension
  7. Precautions of latanoprost?
    • History of herpes simplex -- may reactivate
    • Intraoccular inflammation --contraindicated
  8. Adverse effects of latanoprost?
    • ocular irritation
    • bitter taste, rash
    • darkening of lashes and pigmentation
  9. Dose of latanoprost?
    1 drop once daily, preferably at night.
  10. Counselling of latanoprost?
    • These eye drops may slowly change the colour of your eye making the iris appear darker. This change is permanent and may be more noticeable when
    • only one eye is being treated.
  11. Indications of Hypromellose/dextran
    • Dry eye syndrome
    • Relief of mild ocular irritation
  12. Adverse effects of Hypromellose/dextran
  13. Dose of Hypromellose/dextran?
    • ! drop every 1-12 hours, when required
    • Gel: 1 drop at night when required
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