Combat Systems (Dang!)

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  1. What are the three missions of Combat Systems?
    • Detect and Engage
    • Command and Control Warfare
    • Navy Surface Fire Support
  2. What three sub-missions fall under Detect and Engage?
    • Ship's Radar System- detection of incoming target
    • IFF- Identify Friend or Foe
    • Ship's Weapon System- fending off or destroying any enemy contacts
  3. What is C2W ( Command and Control Warfare)?
    The command and control of ship's radar and weapon systems to complete the mission.
  4. What is Naval Surface Fire Support (NSFS)?
    Gun fire support for troops landing or conducting operations on the beach
  5. What does RADAR stand for?
    • Radio Detection and Ranging
    • Sound Navigation and Ranging
  6. What are the two areas of Naval Warfare that utilize naval guns?
    Surface and Air Warfare
  7. What are the four areas of warfare that utilize naval missiles?
    • Surface Warfare
    • Air Warfare
    • Undersea Warfare (USW)
    • Strike Warfare
  8. What is the purpose of Fire Control?
    To place ordinance on a target on time
  9. What is a Harpoon?
    Medium range, all weather, low altitude, sub-sonic, over the horizon, fire and forget, antiships cruise missile.
  10. What is a Tomahawk?
    Long range, all weather, low altitude, sub-sonic land attack cruise missile.
  11. Where can the Harpoon be fired from?
    • Ships, Subs, Aircraft
    • Ships, Subs, Aircraft and TLAM
  12. Can TLAM be used against ships TASM?
  13. What does TLAM and TASM stand for?
    • Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
    • Tomahawk AntiShip Missile
  14. What does ASROC stand for?
    • Anti-Submarine Rocket
    • Super Rapid Blooming Offboard Chaff
  15. Where is the ASROC launched from?
    VLS- Vertical Launch System
  16. What is the primary undersea warfare used onboard destroyers and cruisers?
  17. What are you standard missiles used for?
    Defensive weapons and shooting down other ballastic missiles and aircraft
  18. How manu types of standard missiles are there?
    • 2: SM-1 (Medium Range)
    • SM-2 (Medium and Extended Range)
  19. What is the torpedo also known as?
  20. What are the characteristics of the MK-46?
    • Deep diving, Salt Water activated
    • Capable of multiple reattacks
  21. What is the MK-15 also known as?
    Close In Weapon System (CIWS)
  22. What does the NATO Sea Sparrow do?
    Launches the RIM-7P Suface to Air Missile for close attacks from planes or missilie
  23. What does RAM stand for?
    Rolling Airframe Missile
  24. What is the Rolling Airframe Missile do?
    • Launches the RIM-116 for moderate range.
    • Designed to supplement or replace the Sea Sparrow
  25. What was designed to Replace the Sea Sparrow?
    The RAM (Rolling Ariframe Missile)
  26. Which radar is the long range search for air targets?
    Air Search SPS-40
  27. Which radar is used to intercept enemy aircraft?
    Air Search SPS-40
  28. Which radar is the long range search for surface contacts; can detect low flying aircraft, and is used for navigation?
    Surface Search SPS-67/SPS-73
  29. What is the FURUNO used for?
    Navigation- short range to enhance navigation
  30. What is our fire control radar?
    • The CIWS- direct gun mounts and missile launchers
    • Has extremely accurate range, bearing, and elevation
    • 3D Always
  31. What does 2D provide?
    Range and Bearing data
  32. 3D provides what?
    Range, Bearing, and Altitude data
  33. What is the purpose of CSOSS?
    Operation/Restoration of combat systems equipment
  34. What is the purpose of the Combat Systems Readiness Officer?
    Liaison for TAO in regards to CS equipment readiness
  35. What Combat Systems watch controls the first response to electronic casualties?
    CSOOW- Combat Systems Officer of the Watch
  36. What are examples of CS Area Supervisors?
    • RSS
    • XCS
    • DSS
    • ISS
  37. What does EMO stand for?
    Who is it?
    • Electronic Materials Officer
    • LT Tovar
  38. What are our torpedo countermeasure systems?
    • SLQ-25A (Nixie)
    • Prairie/Masker System
    • Acoustic Decoys
  39. How many modes are there to SONAR?
    2- Active and Passive
  40. What is the difference between active and passive SONAR?
    • Active- goes out and finds the range and bearing
    • Passive- listens for the info, learns what it is
  41. What three conditions affect SONAR?
    • Temperature
    • Pressure
    • Salinity
    • These conditions affect the speed of sound underwater
  42. What is the salinity in open ocean?
    33-37 parts per minute
  43. What are the requirements for entering a magazine?
    • No covers
    • No belt buckles
    • No horse play
    • Battle dressed at all times
    • No spark producing objects
  44. What is a hangfire?
    Delay in firing after the firing sequence is initiated.
  45. What is a misfire?
    The failure of firing after the fire sequence is initiated
  46. What is a hotgun?
    A predetermined amount of rounds, discharged in a predetermined amount of time causing the barrel or chamber to heat up causing a cook off
  47. What is the training warning circle?
    The four inch wide red circle, followed by two inch white lettering (Danger Area) as you are walking into the circle that extends 18 inches from the furthest point of the weapon (barrel)
  48. What does HE-PD, HE-VT, HE MT-PD, RAP, HE-IR, BL&P, and WP stand for in regards to inch rounds?
    • High Explosive-Point Detonating
    • High Explosive-Variable Time
    • High Explosive Mechanical Time Point Detonating
    • Rocket Assisted Projectile
    • High Explosive Infrared
    • Blind Loaded & Plugged
    • White Phosperous/William Peter
  49. Which inch round is used against light armored targets, bunkers, gun placements and vehicles?
  50. Which inch round has a two position switch on the fuse for Quick Time and Super Quick Time?
  51. Which inch round is used against high speed aircraft?
    When is it effective?
    • HE-VT
    • Where the angle of fall is greater than 20 degrees (against personnel)
  52. Which inch round cannot be fired over friendly forces without permission from ground commander?
  53. Which round is known as "My all purpose round"?
    What can it be used against?
    • HE MT-PD
    • Personnel, Aircraft, Bunkers, and Light Armored Vehicles
  54. Which round is used for anti aircraft practice?
    VT Non Frag
  55. What does the Rocket Assisted Projectile do?
    Extends the normal range of the projectile
  56. Which inch round is training for ground targets?
    What color is it?
    • Blind Loaded & Plugged (BLUE)
    • Blind= No fuse
    • Loaded= Contains a filler (sand)
    • Plugged= no access to the base
  57. Which inch round is primary against anti ship cruise missile/aircraft (heat seeker)
  58. Which inch round is used for spotting, smoke screens, and fire starter?
    White Phosperous or William Peter
  59. Which round is used against surface and ground targets, and whose fuse must be manually set by the gun crew?
    High Explosive Controller Variable Time
  60. What is the difference between High Explosive Variable Time and High Explosive Controller Variable Time?
    HE-CVT can be fired over friendly forces
  61. What are the four D's of Combat Systems?
    Detection, Direction, Delivery, Destruction
  62. What does HERO stand for?
    What flag is flown?
    • Hazardous Electromagnetic Radiation to ordinance
    • LIMA Flag (Yellow/Black Checkered)
  63. What is C4I?
    Command and Control, Communication, Computers and Intelligence
  64. What does GFCS stand for?
    Which one is used on Spruance class destroyers and Ticonderoga class cruisers?
    • Gun Fire Control System
    • MK-86
  65. Which MK is the MK86 GFCS used for?
  66. The MK92 FCS is used for what class of ships?
    Which MK is the MK92 FCS used for?
    • Perry class frigates
    • MK75 76mm Gun Mount
  67. Blue is for training use only.
  68. What systems are used to prevent equipment from overheating?
    AC, Fire Main, Chill Water
  69. What is the purpose of the ship's gyro?
    Provides ships pitch/roll heading information to weapons systems
  70. Where are the two CIWS's located?
    • 01 Level FWD
    • 2nd Deck AFT
  71. How many rounds per minute are the CIWS capable of?
  72. What is the total magazine capacity of the CIWS?
    1500 (drum and chuting)
  73. How many radars does the CIWS have?
    How many modes?
    • 2 radars- Search and Track
    • 4 modes- AAW auto, AAW manual, Air Ready and Standby
  74. Where is the Remote Control Panel for the CIWS located?
  75. How many barrels does the CIWS have?
  76. What ensures that both CIWSs' don't fire at the same target at the same time?
    MWC- Multiple Weapons Coordination
  77. What type of rounds does the CIWS fire?
    20mm tungsten alloy
  78. Where are the two 25mm Chain Guns located?
    FWD of the superstructure port and starboard
  79. How many rounds per minute can the 25mm discharge?

    What is its magazine capacity?
    • 180rpm
    • 168 magazine capacity
  80. What is the maximum effective range of the 25mm?

    Maximum range?
    • 2.700 yards
    • 4.1 miles, 8,500 yards
  81. What type of ammo does the 25mm use?
    HEI-T, TP-t, APSD-T
  82. Which gun has a 24v power supply thats hard wired into the ships electrical system?
  83. Where are the 6 50cal mounts located?
    3port 3 starboard
  84. How many revolutions per minute is the 50cal capable of?

    Magazine capacity?

    Magazine box type- 100 rounds per box
  85. What is the maximum effective range of the 50 cal?

    Maximum range?
    2,000 yards

    7,400 yards
  86. What type of rounds for the 50 cal?
  87. Which gun is the saluting battery?

    Where are they?

    Port & starboard next to the signal bridge
  88. Who are the four personnel present for 40mm use?
    • Loader
    • Shooter
    • Timer/Counter
    • Safety Observer
  89. How many magazine spaces are there?

    What/Where are they?

    • 25mm- CSO's P-way
    • FWD CIWS- Aft of control room on main deck)
    • AFT CIWS- Aft Sponson
    • Pyrotechnics- Aft starboard Sponson
    • Small Arms- 7th deck
    • Demolitions- 7th deck
    • 40mm- 7th deck
  90. What other small guns do we have onboard?
    • 9mm
    • MK79 Grenade Launcher- 40mm round
    • m14 Rifle- 7.62mm round
    • 12 gauge shotty
    • M-240B Machine Gun
    • M-16
  91. How many SRBOC launchers do we have?

    How many tubes do they have?
    • 4 launchers
    • 6 tubes- 3 @ 45degree angle, 3 @ 60 degrees
  92. Where can the SRBOC be fired from?
    CIC or Pilot house by XO, CO's chair
  93. SLQ-32 is used for what?


    Torpedo Decoy
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