Rhythmic Group

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  1. How many gymnasts are there in a group exercise?
    • Each group exercise must be performed by 5 gymnasts.
    • A group comprising a different number of gymnasts is not acceptable.
  2. How many gymnasts each federation may enter?
    • Each federation may enter a minimum of 5 gymnasts and a maximum of 6 gymnasts for the total program of group exercises ( 2 exercises and 2 finals).
    • In the case of the 6 gymnasts, the gymnasts of the group may be:
    • - named for the 2 exercises of the program
    • - named for one exercise and reserve for the other
  3. Is a reserve gymnast allow to replace a gymnast during an exercise?
    If during an exercise, a gymnast leaves the group for a valid reason, the gymnast may be replaced by a reserve gymnast.
  4. What is the penalty for a gymnast leaving the exercise and replaced by reserve gymnast?
    0.20 point for gymnast leaving the floor area + 0.50 point for use of a reserve gymnast by Coordinator Judge.
  5. If the gymnast is not replace, what is the penalty?
    • 2.00 points or 1.00 point depending on whether the gymnast left the group during the first half or during the second half of the exercise by the Artistry judge.
    • Possible faults for disruption of general harmony, formations, travelling etc by Execution Judges.
    • 0.20 point for gymnast leaving the floor area by Coordinator Judge.
  6. Are the reserve gymnasts allowed to be in the competition area during the performance of the exercise?
  7. What is allowed in terms of dress of the gymnasts of the group?
    • Leotards must be identical (of the same material, style, and design) and the same colour for the 5 gymnasts of the group.
    • However, if the leotard is made of a patterned material, some slight differences due to the cut may be torelated.
  8. What is the penalty for the dress rule to be met?
    0.50 point if the rule is not met by Coordinator Judge.
  9. How should the placing of the group on the floor area done?
    • The placing of the group on the floor area must be done:
    • - rapidly and without musical accompaniment
    • - with the 5 gymnasts each achieving one apparatus or one or several gymnasts holding the 5 pieces of apparatus.
  10. What is the penalty for non compliance with the norm of placing of the group on the floor area?
    0.20 point for noncompliance with these norms by Coordinator Judge.
  11. How should the group start the exercise?
    • As the start of the exercise, each gymnast may hold an apparatus and be in contact with it, or one or several gymnasts may hold all 5 apparatus, which she or they will throw or pass to her/their partners.
    • In the latter case, the apparatus must be distributed to the partners at the beginning of the exercise and the 5 gymnasts can not remain without apparatus for longer than 4 movements.
  12. What is the penalty for starting without apparatus?
    0.30 point, if one or several gymnasts remain without apparatus for longer than 4 movements (Execution Judges).
  13. How do they have to start moving?
    When the apparatus and the gymnasts do not start moving simultaneously, the various moves must follow each other rapidly, within a short period of time to avoid visible immobility of some of the gymnasts (no more than 4 movements).
  14. What is the penalty for static position of gymnasts?
    0.30 point for static position of one ore more gymnasts (Execution Judges).
  15. During the exercise, does each gymnast have to have an apparatus?
    • Except under special circumstances, the composition will include a single apparatus per gymnast. During the exercise, it is possible for one or several gymnasts to be in possession of two or more apparatus, their partners having none, under the following conditions:
    • - Such a situation is only very temporary. Penalty if the contrary occurs (Execution Judges) is 0.30 point
    • - The apparatus are properly handled by the gymnasts who have them, and not simply held. Penalty is 0.30 point if the apparatus are not moving (Execution Judge).
  16. What is the penalty for involuntary contact of the apparatus with body during the exercise?
    0.10 point if the contact alters the trajectory of the apparatus (Execution Judges).
  17. At the end of the exercise, does each gymnast have to hold one of the 5 apparatus?
    Each gymnast must hold or be in contact with one of the 5 apparatus; it is allowed for several gymnasts to hold one apparatus or for one gymnast to hold or be in contact with several apparatus.
  18. What is the penalty if the absence of contact is due to a composition fault?
    • 0.30 point (overall penalty) by Artistry Judges
    • 0.50 point for each gymnast at fault, if the absence of contact is due to a loss of the apparatus at the end of the exercise (Execution Judge)
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