SF340 Communication Systems

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  1. What is the purpose of the EMER switch on the Audio Control Panel (ACP)? 4-1
    Direct connect to the COMM. (bypass the REU if audio system fails)
  2. What Comm will the Captain be connected to if the EMER switch is used? 4-1
    Comm 1
  3. What Comm will the first officer be connected to if the EMER switch is used? 4-1
  4. Are the GPWS and PA audio levels adjustable from the ACP? 4-1
    No, they are set at fixed levels
  5. How many transmitting microphones are at each pilot station? 4-2
    • Headset microphone
    • Oxygen Mask microphone
    • Hand-held microphone
  6. What controls volume between crewmember communications? 4-5
    INT slide on both ACPs
  7. What is the power source for Comm 1? 4-6
    Emergency Avionics bus
  8. How is communication between the cockpit and cabin accomplished? 4-9
    Through the cabin interphone. Either through the handset or headset while pressing the respective pushbutton on the aft center pedestal
  9. What is the PA button used for? 4-9
    To establish communication between the cockpit and cabin via the address system
  10. What lights illuminate when the Flight Attendant presses the call button? 4-9
    Green call light on the center pedestal and the orange call on the overhead panel
  11. What lights illuminate when the Flight Attendant presses the EMER button? 4-10
    Red EMER light on the Center pedestal and the Red EMER on the overhead panel
  12. When using the Oxygen mask what is the procedure to make a PA? 4-11
    With mask switch selected push the PA button on the Oxygen mask panel
  13. What is the Voice/Ident switch used for on the ACP? 4-19
    Used to Id a Nav aid or listen over the VOR frequency
  14. When the EMER switch is in EMER which PTT switch must be used? 4-19
    PTT on the control wheel
  15. What is the L/R switch on the observer audio panel used for? 4-21
    To select between the left and right audio panels
  16. What does the ACT button on the Comm do? 4-23
    STBY frequency is inhibited; The frequency selector now directly tunes the active frequency.
  17. How is the ACT mode selected on the Comm? 4-23
    Hold the button for at least 2 seconds to activate and also deactivate
  18. What does the STO button on the Comm do? 4-23
    Saves selected frequencies to memory
  19. If communications are lost with ATC what squawk code is used?
  20. What squawk code is used for and emergency aircraft?
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