Chapter 9

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  1. The tendancy for individuals to agree with the candidate or opinion that polls show gamers the greatest level of support or receives the greatest amount of media attention in known as the
    bandwagon effect
  2. Some pollsters have raised concerns have been raised regarding the numer of people who rely exclusively on cell phones because they may affect the compostion of the polling sample because they are
    unusually excluded from samples
  3. American political values and culture can be best described as
    relatively stable
  4. Polls are sometimes problematic because they may
    -silence members of the public who hold minority views.

    -influence rather than report public opinion.
  5. individuals who advocate using gov't power to promote social order, generally support smaller gov't and swift and severe punishment for criminals who would usually be classified ideologically as
  6. Research indicates parents are especially influential in teaching
    gender roles and racial attitudes
  7. The probability that the results found in the sample represent the true opinion of the entre public under study is known as the
    confidence level
  8. The attitudes of individuals regarding the political leaders and institutions as well as political and social issues are reffered to as
    Public Opinion
  9. According to the most Public Opinion surveys on the topic
    the majority of americans believe abortion should be restricted but legal.
  10. Racial attitudes and perspectives on gender roles are most powerfully transmitted to youth through
    the family
  11. An EXIT POLL is a(n)
    poll conducted on election day to try and predict election outcomes before the votes are conducted.
  12. (T/F)
    Americans generally strongly support both equallity of oportunity and equality of outcomes.
  13. (T/F)
    Political culture refers to the set of ecconomic, political, and governmental values and beliefs tha support the political institutions, processes, and belief systems.
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