Chapter 19

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  1. The direct primary system was established in order to
    reduce the role of the party elite in selecting nominees to run for office.
  2. The ___ primary is a sytem in which voters are allowed to participate in the primary election without declaring membership in a party.
  3. In a(n) system, rank-and-file party members attend neighborhood meetings, share ideas and concerns about particular candidates, and cast a ballot for pleged delegates to attend a statewide meeting.
    nomination cacus
  4. ________ refers to the officials who were elected under a given party's banner.
    party in governance
  5. Party activists and functions are conducted by the party organizations through
  6. The decline of party machines and the declining influence of party bosses can be attributed to
    • -the new deal expansion of social programs
    • -the establishment of the secret ballot
    • -the professionalization of the civil service
    • -muckraking journalism
  7. ____ tend to believe that the gov't can be used to cure some of society's ills - especially economic equality.
  8. ____ refer to legal impediments, such as laws, court decisions and constitutional provisions, that limit the possibilities of minor parties in the U.S.
    Institutional Barriers
  9. After the civil war, party divisions in the U.S. were fixed witht the
    Republicans controlling the North, Democrats controlling the South , and both parties fighting for control of the West.
  10. The significance of the Contract with America rests in
    the general but dramatic piblic policy shifts that resulted from the Contract.
  11. The 1968 Democratic Party Convention was noteworthy because
    • -incubent President lynddon Johnson failed to win the nomination
    • -the nominee, Rebert Kennedy, was assasinated while campaigning
    • -anti-war protestors outside the convetnion were beaten by city police
    • -party leaders ultimately chose Hubert Humphrey as the Party Candidate.
  12. Which of the following is NOT a byproduct of political paarties?
    Reduction of Civic Participation
  13. Whic of the following is NOT a critique leveld against the current process of selecting presidential candidates?
    The process tends to permit weak candidates to win the nomination.
  14. The Democratic Caus refers to
    All the Democrats in the House of Representatives
  15. (T/F)
    Most voters in America look down on "party politics" and aplaud their elected officials' "independance."
  16. Which of the following is most likely to vote Democratic?
    African Americans
  17. in the Democratic party's Convention ___ are deligates appointed by the Party who have the flexibility to cast a ballot for whoever they desire.
  18. (T/F)
    Unlike in many other Democracies, party-in-government structures in the U.S. are relatively weak.
  19. Minor parties often discourage greater participation in politics by the electorate because of the sense of powerlessness they imbue.
  20. The candidate-centered era began with the development of Radio in th early part of the twentieth century.
  21. Parties deny _____, not wishing to be tarnished by their shortcomings.
    endorsment to weak office seekers
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