English Final: Literary Terms

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  1. Denotation
    basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word
  2. connotation
    • Word suggests beyond basic dictionary definition
    • overtones of meaning
  3. Symbol
    object, person, situation, or action that means more that what it is, literally and metaphorically
  4. Allegory
    Narrative of description having 2nd meaning beneath surface
  5. Tone
    writer/speaker attitude toward subject
  6. Theme
    central idea of literary work
  7. iamb
    unstressed stressed U /
  8. Blank Verse
    unrhymed iambic petameter
  9. Stanza
    Group of lines with metrical pattern and repeated throughout poem
  10. quatrain
    ballad stanza abcb or abab
  11. octave
    8 lines
  12. Sestet
    • Italian sonnet
    • 8 lines then 6 lines
    • abc abc
  13. Rhyme scheme
    Fixed pattern of rhymes characterizing a whole poem or stanzas
  14. Alliteration
    repetition of initial consonant sounds of accented syllables or important words (map-moon, kill-code)
  15. Consonance
    repetition of final consonant sounds
  16. Assonance
    Repetition of vowel sounds of accented or important words
  17. Onomatopeia
    boom pang zoom
  18. Epic
    • Lengthy poem
    • Odyssey
  19. Simile
    comparison between 2 things essentially unlike
  20. Metaphor
    • comparison between 2 unlike things
    • Literal and figurative both
    • literal mentioned figurative implied
    • literal implied figurative mentioned
    • both implied
  21. Personification
    human characteristics are given to animal, object, or concept
  22. Apostrophe
    Dead, absent, non-existant person addressed as alive and would reply
  23. Oxymoron
    Two words contradict each other
  24. Metonymy
    detail of experience used to represent the whole experience
  25. Hyperbole
  26. Paradox
    Statement of situation that has seemingly contradiction elements, but not really
  27. Allusion
    Reference to something in literature or history
  28. Irony
    • Verbal: opposite of what is said
    • Dramatic: Implies different meaning from what is intended
    • of Situation: incongruity between actual circumstances and those that seem appropriate or anticipated and what actually comes to pass
  29. Imagery
    Representation through language of sense experience
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