Psyc 200 Exam 3

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  1. What is the HPA Axis
    The HPA axis (Hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal) the route followed by hormones that regulate stress,growth,sleep,appetite,and sexual excitment as well as puberty.
  2. What is Estradiol?
    A sex hormone, considered the chief estrogen. Females produce more estradiol than males do.
  3. Testosterone
    A sex hormone, the best known of the male hormones. Sexreted in far greater amounts by males than females.At higher levels, it increases anger.
  4. How do hormones influence emotions?
    Higher levels of testosterone can stimulate arousal of emotions, especially anger. Hormonal bursts lead to emotional extremes, for many boys the increase in andrgoens causes sexual thoughts and desire to masturbate, for girls the flactuating estrogen increase happiness in the middle of the cycle, and anger and sadness at the end.
  5. What is the Secular Trend?
    A term used to refer to the earlier and greater growth of children due to improved nutrition and medical care over the alst two centuries.
  6. How does stress increase influence the onset of puberty?
    Stress increases hormones, so high stress will cause more horomonal imbalnces, leading to earlier mentration or in frequencies.
  7. How does nutririon influence puberty?
    The less body fat, the later the pierod. Chronic malnutrion delays puberty.
  8. Pitutary?
  9. Pituitary?
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