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  1. Ant
    A colony
  2. Antelope
    A herd
  3. Ape
    A shrewdness
  4. Ass / donkey
    A pace or herd
  5. Baboons
    A troop
  6. Bacteria
    A culture
  7. Badger
    A cete
  8. Bass
    A shoal
  9. Bats
    A colony
  10. Bear
    A sleuth or sloth
  11. Beaver
    A colony
  12. Bee
    A swarm, grist or hive
  13. Bird
    A flock, flight, congregation or volery
  14. Boar
    A sounder
  15. Buck
    A brace or clash
  16. Buffalo
    A herd or obstinacy
  17. Camel
    A flock
  18. Cat
    A clowder or clutter
  19. Caterpillar
    An army
  20. Cattle
    • A herd or drove
    • Chicken
    • A brood or peep
  21. Chicks
    A clutch or chattering
  22. Clam
    A bed
  23. Cockroaches
    An intrusion
  24. Cobra
    A quiver
  25. Colt
    A rag
  26. Cow
    A kine
  27. Coyote
    A band
  28. Crane
    A sedge or siege
  29. Crocodile
    A float
  30. Crow
    A murder
  31. Cub
    A litter
  32. Cur
    A cowardice
  33. Curlew
    A herd
  34. Deer
    A herd
  35. Dog
    A pack
  36. Donkey
    A herd or pace
  37. Dove A dule
  38. Dragon
    A weyr
  39. Duck
    A brace, paddling or team
  40. Elephant
    A herd
  41. Elk
    A gang
  42. Emus
    A mob
  43. Falcons
    A cast
  44. Ferret
    A business or fesnyng or cast
  45. Finches
    A charm
  46. Fish
    A school, shoal, run, haul, or catch
  47. Fly
    A swarm or business
  48. Fox
    A skulk or leash
  49. Frog
    An army or colony
  50. Geese
    A flock, gaggle or skein (in flight)
  51. Giraffe
    A tower
  52. Gnat
    A cloud or horde
  53. Gnu
    An implausibilty or herd
  54. Goat
    A herd, tribe or trip
  55. Goldfinch
    A charm
  56. Goldfish
    A troubling
  57. Gorilla
    A band
  58. Greyhound
    A leash
  59. Grouse
    A covey or pack
  60. Hare
    A down or husk
  61. Hawk
    A cast or kettle
  62. Hen
    A brood
  63. Heron
    A hedge or sedge
  64. Hippopotamus
    A bloat
  65. Hog
    A drift, or parcel
  66. Horse
    A team, pair or harras
  67. Hound
    A pack, mute or cry
  68. Jellyfish
    A smack
  69. Kangaroo
    A troop or mob
  70. Kitten
    A kindle or litter
  71. Lark
    An ascension or exaltation
  72. Leopard
    A leap
  73. Lion A
  74. Locust
    A plague
  75. Magpie
    A tiding, gulp, charm or murder
  76. Mallard
    A sord
  77. Mare
    A stud
  78. Marten
    A richness
  79. Mouse
    A mischief
  80. Mole
    A labour
  81. Monkey
    A troop
  82. Mule
    A barren or span
  83. Otter
    A romp
  84. Owls
    A parliament
  85. Oxen
    A yoke, drove, team or herd
  86. Oyster
    A bed
  87. Parrot
    A company
  88. Partridge
    A covey
  89. Peacock
    A muster or ostentation or pride
  90. Peep
    A litter
  91. Penguin
    A parcel or huddles or colonies
  92. Pheasant
    A nest, nide (nye) or bouquet
  93. Pig
    A litter
  94. Pigeon
    A flock or flight
  95. Pony
    A string
  96. Porpoise
    A pod
  97. Quail
    A covey or bevy
  98. Rabbit
    A nest
  99. Rat
    A pack or swarm
  100. Rattlesnake
    A rhumba
  101. Raven
    An unkindness or storytelling
  102. Rhino
    A crash or herd
  103. Roebuck
    A bevy
  104. Rook
    A building or clamour
  105. Sardines
    A family
  106. Seal
    A herd or pod
  107. Sheep
    A drove or flock
  108. Snake
    A nest
  109. Sparrow
    A host
  110. Squirrel
    A dray or scurry
  111. Starling
    A murmuration
  112. Stork
    A mustering
  113. Swallow
    A flight
  114. Swan
    A bevy, herd, lamentation or wedge
  115. Swift
    A flock
  116. Swine
    A sounder or drift
  117. Tiger
    A swift or ambush
  118. Toad
    A knot
  119. Trout
    A hover
  120. Turkey
    A rafter
  121. Turtle
    A bale
  122. Turtledove
    A pitying or dule
  123. Viper
    A nest
  124. Walrus
    A pod
  125. Whale
    A school, gam or pod
  126. Wolf
    A pack or route
  127. Woodpecker
    A descent
  128. Zebra
    A herd, zeal, dazzle, or crossing (joke)
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