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  1. what year did the Great Migration take place?
  2. what did the collision mean for canada?
    • the esablishment of french as an officals language
    • two universities one french one english
  3. W h a t I m p a c t s D i d t h e G r e a t M i g r a t i o n H a v e ?
    The new wave of colonists created new pressures in British North America. This painting from 1838 shows settlers clearing land forfarms in Upper Canada.This image shows emigrants from Britainat a dock in Cork, Ireland, waiting toboard ships to North America. Some arebound for Boston, some for New York,and some for Québec
  4. W h a t D i d t h e R e f o r m e r s W a n t ?
    Who makes the decisions that affect your life? As a young person,what authority do you have to make your own decisions? Whatauthority do the adults in your life have? How do you expect thissituation to change as you grow up?In some ways, the reformers who sought to change thegovernment of British North America wanted Britain to treat themlike adults. They wanted complete authority to make the decisionsthat affected their own lives.
  5. when did canada recieve self government?
    in 1848
  6. who burned down the parliment building in montreal?
    the english protesters
  7. Who was elected in york?
    Louis-Hippolyte LaFontaine
  8. who was elected in montreal?
    Robert Baldwin
  9. Where is grosse ile located?
    on the ST. Lawerence river
  10. what were the two epidemics?
    • cholera
    • tphyus
  11. When did the two epidemics take place?
    Typhus: 1847

    Cholera: 1832
  12. what event took place there?
    • Ships
    • were checked, the sick were hospitalized and treated, the healthy that had
    • travelled with the diseased were put in labs to have a look at, and the dead
    • were buried. In the beginning, both ill and healthy travelers were placed in
    • the same area of the Grosse Île station. In 1847, during the great infectious
    • epidemic, workers started to assign the sick and the healthy to opposite areas
    • of the island. The passengers were clean, along with their personal effects and
    • baggage, and the boats in which they arrived. Over time, the disinfection
    • method on the island developed greatly, and other people were vaccinated.
  13. what was the first test for a real democratic goverenment?
    lord elgine signed the bill
  14. How many recommendation did the durham report have.
  15. what did upper canada and lower canada do in 1841?
    became a province
  16. what was the population of in upper canda 1820 and 1850
    • 1820: 150000
    • 1850: 950000
  17. what was the population of lower canada 1820 and 1850
    • 1850:810000
    • 1820:500000

  18. up untill 1840's french canadien made up the majourit of the population BNA. what happenend in 1850's?
    in the 1850s a wave of immigrants from britian began to arrive in British North America. this period was called the great migration.
  19. List the majour reason why people left europe and moved to British North America in the 1800s during the great migration?
    • there are 2 main reasons why the immigrants had come to BNA
    • 1) there was poverty in bratain at that time
    • 2)there was many oppurtunites
  20. why did lower canada blame britian for the cholera breakout?
    they blamed them because while the immigrants where coming by ship there was a diese on the boat known as cholera people died but when the touched ground the spread it in all the colonies
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