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  1. Natural Law
    rules that govern human nature
  2. natural rights
    rights that belong to all humas from birth
  3. enlightened despot
    absolute ruler who uses his or her power to bring about political and social change
  4. constitutional government
    A government whose power is defined and limited by law
  5. baroque
    ornated style of art and architecture popular in the 1600s and 1700s
  6. free market
    market in which goods are brought and sold without restrictions
  7. laissex faire
    policy allowing business to operate with little or no government intergerence.
  8. philosphe
    member of a group of enlightenment thinkers who tried to apply the meathods of science to the improvement of society.
  9. physiocrat
    enlightment thinker who searched for natural law to explain economics
  10. prime minister
    Head of the cabinet in a parliamentary government; usually the leader of the largest party in the legislature.
  11. salon
    informal social gathering at which writers, artists, and philosophers exchanged ideas; originated in France in the 1600s
  12. social contract
    agreement by which people give up their greedom to a powerful government in order to avoid chaos.
  13. cabinet
    comittee chosen by head of the country to help make governement decisions.
  14. enlightenment
    a time period in the 18th century which was known for using reason and scientific method
  15. caravel
    large ship with many sails
  16. compass
    a tool to tell direction
  17. navigator
    someone who directs the expedition
  18. demarcation
    a line of division
  19. epidemic
    a quick spreading illness
  20. conquistador
    Spanish explorers and conquerors
  21. viceroy
  22. encomienda
    a reward of land to Spanish conquistadors
  23. circumnavigate
    to go all the way around
  24. lateen soil
    triangular sails that push a ship into the wind
  25. indentured servants
    people who worked for certain amount of years to pay off a debt
  26. astrolabe
    a tool that tell your latitude line
  27. monopoly
    when a business has complete control of a product
  28. cartographers
    map makers
  29. mutiny
    a rebellion
  30. plantation
    a large farm, owner's house, slaves house
  31. mestizzo
    race = White + Indians = Hispanic
  32. mulatto
    Race = White + Black
  33. absolute monarchy
    government wiht a king who has complete power
  34. absolutism
    time period where the government were ruled by absolute monarchs
  35. divine right
    believing to be chosen by God to be King
  36. intendant
    officials of France chosen to carry out the kings policies in the provinces
  37. balance of pwer
    distribution of power among the countries so one isn't dominate
  38. limited monarchy
    government with a king that has a limited amount of power
  39. Habeas Corpus
    show evidence that one has committed a crime before holding in jail
  40. czar
    Russian Kings
  41. export
    sell goods to other countries
  42. import
    buying goods from other countries
  43. mercantilism
    economic policy where the country export more that they import
  44. subsidy
    grant of money given to a compnay to encourage them to make certain jobs
  45. tariff
    tax on import
  46. boyer
    Russian nobility
  47. Which country did the Renaissance begin in?
  48. Which city did the Renaissance begin in?
  49. The Renaissance brought back a combination of new ideas with what ancient ideas?
    Greek and Roman Gods
  50. Compare Renaissance art to Medieval art.
    Medieval art was flat---Renaissance art used perspective
  51. What is Renaissance man?
    a man skilled in many diverse fields
  52. Why was Leonardo da Vinci known as the Renaissance Man?
    he was skilled in many fields
  53. What is da Vinci's most famous painting?
    Mona Lisa and the Last Supper
  54. Why was Albrecht Durer known as the German Leonardo?
    He was skilled in many fields.
  55. Who painted the Sistine Chapel?
  56. Which two sculptures produced The David?
    Michelangelo and Donatello
  57. Why did the use of moveable type allow ideas to spread more quickly?
    because bookd could be made and distributed faster
  58. Who invented moveable type?
    Johmnen Gutenber
  59. Who is the most famous Renaissance playwright?
    William Shakespear
  60. How did the Northern Renaissance art differ from Italian Renaissance art?
    the colors were darker and about landscapes
  61. When did the Renaissance take place?
    1300 - 1600
  62. Who were the Medicis?
    an extreamly wealthy family who controlled Florence
  63. How were the social classes different in the Renaissance?
    They weren't as important.
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