Geo Notes: Early Explorations (Ch. 6)EXPLORERS

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  1. Technology of Exploration
    • Compass- Created by chinese
    • Astrolabe- by Arabs (find altitude of sun, etc.)
  2. Cartographer
  3. Prince Henry the Navigator
    • Portugal
    • brought together people to study navigation
  4. Bartholomeu Dias
    • Portugal
    • Discovered tip of Africa
    • -- later named Cape of Good Hope
  5. Vasco da Gama
    • Portugal
    • sailed to India
    • people didnt want to trade with him (the Portugese)
  6. Christopher Columbus
    Discovered the Americas (at first thought was India)
  7. Amerigo Vespucci
    • suggested Columbus discovered "new world"
    • America named after him
  8. Line of demarcation
    • made by pope
    • line down middle of Atlantic from North to South pole
    • Spain controls land to the west and Portugal to the east
  9. Treaty of Tordesillas
    • Moved line of demarcation more west
    • --Portugese feared Spain might take over their Asian trade
  10. Ferdinand Magellan
    • Portugal
    • tried to find western route to Asia
    • Crew- 1st Circumnavigation
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