US History FINAL FINAL Part 3

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  1. Why limited war in Vietnam?
    Fear of China or Soviets entering the war
  2. Nixon Vietnamization and Cambodia
    Train the Vietnamese to fight; bomb Chiminh trail in Cambodia which results in Congress repealing Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
  3. Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
    Gave war power to the President
  4. Why Kennedy greatly increased the number of troops in Vietnam
    Political damage of Communism taking over Vietnam (Truman with China and Korea)
  5. Problems faced by the South Vietnamese government
    Corruption - buddhist reaction to discrimination
  6. Operation Rolling Thunder
    Sustained bombing of North Vietnam
  7. Television's impact on the prosecution of the war
    War is lost
  8. Pentagon Papers
    Government lied to the public about the casualties and the war
  9. Port Huron Statement
    Students for a democratic society; end vietnam was; poverty - Social welfare state
  10. Free Speech Movement
    Distribute literature, recruit volunteers for political causes
  11. Religion in the 1960s
    Authoritarian Leaders; (Jesus movement)- Anti-Establishment
  12. Feminine mystique
    Women lived unfulfilled lives without careers. Families insufficient
  13. Three Mile Island
    Near Melt down which led to question Safety of Nuclear Energy
  14. Rachel Carson
    Wrote "Silent Spring" which began the Environmental movement
  15. Roe v. Wade
    States cannot regulate abortion due to privacy rights
  16. Title VII (7)
    Outlaws job discrimination by private employers by race, nationality, and religion
  17. Title IX (9)
    Educational amendment protests sex discrimination in government funded program
  18. La Raza Unida
    Mexican-American Political party
  19. Indian Civil Rights
    Recognized the legitimacy of Reservation Law
  20. University of California Regents v. Bakke
    Schools use race, but not quotas for admission
  21. Nixon and Law and Order
    Nixon's promise to fight crime targeted war protesters
  22. Nixon and New Federalism
    Revenue sharing - Tax Dollars to the states
  23. Watergate
    Nixon ordered a cover-up. tapes are national security
  24. Spiro Agnew's Resignation
    Having taken bribes are Governor of Maryland
  25. Postwar (1950s-1960s) prosperity
    Access to raw materials and strong industrial base
  26. US Economy by the 1970s and the energy crisis
    OPEC and increased regulation
  27. Carter Presidency
    Inflation, interest rates, unemployment, communist aggression, Africa, Continental America, Afghanistan
  28. Panama Canal Treaty 1978
    Panama now controls Canal
  29. Reagan Foreign Policy
    Peace through strength, increase military spending
  30. Modern Conservative Philisophy of Government
    Split power between state and federal gov't
  31. "Original Intent" vs. Activist Bench
    Reagan = Conservative; Bush wants original intent
  32. Reagans approach to deficit spending and budget proposals
    Cut social programs
  33. Supply-side economics and monetarists
    Tax cuts investment; job creation; business expansion
  34. Iran Contra Scandal
    Brutal about armed sales; but not necessarily sending money to Contras
  35. Tiananmen Square
    May 1989 - Students (Chinese) held demonstrations against the gov't
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