23 TO 28 TREMS

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  1. missile gap
    belief that the soviet union had more nuclear wepons then the us
  2. reapportionment
    the way in which states draw up political districts based on change in population
  3. due process
    the law may not treet individuals unfairly , arbitrarily, unreasonably and that courts must follow poper procedures and rules when trying cases
  4. flexible response
    the bulid up of conventional troops and weapons to allow a notion to fight a limited war without using nueclear weapons
  5. space race
    refers to the cold war compition over dominance of space exploration capability
  6. consensus
    general agreement
  7. war on poverty
    antipoverty program under president johnson
  8. separate but equal
    laws segregating afican americans as long as aequal facilities were provided for them
  9. de facto segregation
    segregation by caustom and tradition
  10. sit in
    a form of protest first used by unions workers in 1930
  11. freedom riders
    name given to group of ppl who traveled to the south in 1961 to protest the south refusel.
  12. fillibuster
    an attempt to kill a bill by having a group of ppl take turns talking so a vote cant take place
  13. cloture
    a motion which stops a debate and forces a vote
  14. poll taxes
    fees payed in order to vote
  15. racism
    prejudice or disrimination
  16. black power
    african american respect
  17. domino theory
    the belief that if vietnam fell to communism so would the other nations
  18. guerrillist
    armed bands that carries out suprise attacks and sabotage rather then open warfare
  19. vietcong
    the guerrillist soldiers of the communist faction in vietnam
  20. credibility gap
    the lack of trust
  21. teach in
  22. an extended meeting or class held to discuss a socail or potention issue
  23. doves
    want out of war
  24. hawks
    want to stay in war
  25. linkage
    a policy improving relations with the soviet union and china in hopes of a persading them to cut back their aid to north v
  26. vietnamation
    cuting back the # of troops in vietnam
  27. counter culture
    a culture with values and beliefs different than the mianstream
  28. communes
    group of living aranments were there are no sectrects, u share everything
  29. feminist
    the belieft that women should be equal
  30. title IX
    prohibiting federally funded schools from dissing girls
  31. affirmative action
    an active effort to improve employment or educational opportunits for minorities
  32. busing
    transportation childeren to schools outside their neighborhood to achieve greater racial balance
  33. billingualism
    the practice of teaching immigrant students in thier own languge while also learning english
  34. smog
    fog made eaver and darker by smoke and chemicals
  35. fossil fuels
    a fuel formed in the earth from decayed plant or animals
  36. impoun
    refused to release
  37. detente
    relaxation of tensions
  38. summit
    high level diplomatic meeting
  39. executive privilege
    the principle that white house conversaytions should remain confidentail
  40. impeach
    officially charge for miscanduct
  41. inflation
    rise the cost of goods
  42. embargo
    stop shipping
  43. stagflation
    persisnat inflation combined with stagnant consumer demand and relatively high unemployment
  44. gurus
    mystical leaders
  45. transcendental meditiation
    a technique of meditation in which a mantra is chanted as a way achiving harmony
  46. disco
    popular dance music
  47. liberals
    person who generally believes the gov should take role in the conomy
  48. conservations
    a person who believes gov power particulary in the econy should be limited in order to maximize indiviual freedom
  49. televangelist
    an evangelist who conducts regularly televised religious programs
  50. supply side economics
    econoic theory that lower taxs will bost the econamy
  51. budget deficit
    the amount by which expending eceed income
  52. contra
    an anti sandinista guerrilla force in nicaragua
  53. yuppies
    a young college educated adualt who is emplyed in a well paying job
  54. space shuttle
    a reusable space craft with wings that could rocket into space and glide back to earth
  55. perestroika
  56. glasnost
  57. downsizing
    laying off workers to become effective
  58. grass roots movement
    groups of ppl organizing at the local level
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