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  1. Pt with Alzheimer's disease; during a team conference a nx stated that she never tx a pt with alzheimer's disease. What should you teach new nx
    pt is at high risk for injury due to impaired memory and judgment
  2. Most common cause of dementia in a elder pt
    Azheimer's disease
  3. Most important thing to keep in bedside for pt with multiple sclerosis (ms)?
    Suction machine and catheters
  4. Which drug is used to test for a pt with MG
    edrophonium (tensilon)
  5. Which nx intervention will prevent a pt for autonomic dysreflexia
    monitor patency of indwelling catheter
  6. A pt is under going a test for MG, what med will be used?
    edrophonium (tensilon)
  7. To minimize complication for MG in a pt, nx should assess which of the following
    respiratory status
  8. Pt has MG, pt is taking mestinon, what s/e can pt experience
    abdominal cramps
  9. When teaching a pt Levadopa, what should nx teach about med
    makes urine darker
  10. Taking levadopa for a year, which clinical manifestation should nx report
    spasmodic eye winking
  11. A pt who cares for a parent with Alzheimer feels guilty bc at times they wish their parent would
    die…what would be appropriate response by nx
    “being responsible for parents care must often be difficult”
  12. The Dr has rx laradopa (levadopa), the nx should
    rise slowly from a sitting position
  13. Pt with parkinson’s is taking cogentin, the nx understands that the priority nursing action
    intake and output
  14. The DR rx cognex for a pt with dementia, what adverse reaction should nx monitor
  15. The nx is making rounds for a pt with a c5 facture, what is gna be at the bedside?
    Torque wrench
  16. Dantroline 25mg given PO daily to a MS pt, how long does it take for it to work
    1 to 2 weeks
  17. The nx is assessing a 38y/o pt with MS, what will nx expect to find
    vision changes
  18. Pt who is quadroplegia is in spinal shock, what should nx expect?
    Absence of reflex with flaccid spasticity
  19. Common adverse reaction for dantroline, what would nx monitor for
    muscle weakness
  20. SATA: Nx is caring for a pt with a complete T5 spinal fracture, flush skin, diaphoresis, elevated bp, and reports severe pounding h/a –
    • Elevate HOB 90 degrees
    • Loosen constricted clothing
    • Assess for bladder distension and bowel impaction
    • Administer anti-HTN meds
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