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  1. (SATA) An Erikson's chart autonomy vs shame which of the following are true
    • Later sense of personal control
    • Toilet training is a vital part of this process
  2. According to Piaget's this is the stage where they begin to think logically about concrete events
    Concrete operational stage
  3. (Fill-In) Numerically write down Freud stages
    • Oral stage
    • Anal stage
    • Phallic stage
    • Latent stage
    • Genital stage
  4. (Fill-In) _________ describes these feeling of wanting to possess the mother and the desire to replace the father
    Oedipus complex
  5. The child also fears that he will be punished by the father for these feelings a fear Freud termed?
    Castration anxiety
  6. (Fill-In) ________ Are a set of functional skills or age specific tasks that most children can do at a certain age range
    Developmental Milestone
  7. For a 8 month old infant the Nx should provide which of the following toys for cognitive development
    Jack in the box
  8. Stranger anxiety occurs at what age range?
    8-15 months
  9. What is normal for a 3 month old infant?
    able to lift head when is stomach
  10. (SATA) 8 month old infant was brought to the clinic for a check-up what should the he be able to do?
    • Social smile
    • Crawl
    • Sit up w/out support
  11. Which action by the parent of a 16 month old toddler that was brought to the hospital shows that they understand how to minimize separation anxiety?
    The parents remain w/ the child during the hospital stay
  12. Home health care Nx went to see a 20 month old child what safety issue will you decide to discuss w/ the parents?
    Child is eating raw carrots
  13. The Nx should expect a 3 year old to perform which of the following actions?
    Ride a tricycle
  14. A father of a 4 year old tells the Nx that his child frequently talks to a make believe playmate what should the Nx tell the parent
    This type of behavior is normal for a preschooler
  15. The mother is asking the Nx what immunization has her child already have the right response will be
    Hepatitis B
  16. Four 6 month old children come to your clinic which of the following children are able to get a DPT vaccine?
    The child w/ runny nose
  17. The Nx is teaching the mother of a 12 month old infant expresses concern about thumb sucking which response by the mother shows that the teaching has been affective?
    Sucking is important to the baby
  18. 22 month old toddler starts crying and becomes angry when scolded and says "no" all the time, but then wants to be held what is the best interpretation about this behavior?
    This is a normal behavior for a 22 month old/2 year old
  19. Which statement by the toddlers mother describes further teaching about the signs of readiness for toilet teaching
    I should begin blatter training before bowel training
  20. The mother of a 2 year old child w/ epiglotitis says she has to get her older child from school when the child hears her say that he starts crying which of the following interventions by the Nx is best?
    Ask the mother if theres anyone else that can pick up her other child (ask her to stay)
  21. Digoxin for 11 month old 10 kg prescribed 0.01 mg/kg in divided dosage 12 hours
    0.01 mg x 10 kg = 0.1 mg / 2 = 0.05 mg per dosage
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