Musco Skeletal

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  1. FIB

    ________ is the removal of a limb, or part of a limb, that is no longer useful to you and is causing you great pain, or threatens your health because of extensive infection.
  2. A modified ankle disarticulation amputation, performed most frequently for extensive foot trauma and procedures painless....
    Syme Amputation
  3. 50yr old man, lower left arm crushed by grain elevator, pt is experiencing shock, what position would the Nx position him in to continue evaluation?
    On his back with legs elevated
  4. It has a realistic-looking hand that is activated by electrical impulses from muscles in the upper arm electrical activity is relayed from....
    Myoelectric Arm
  5. FIB

    _______ is a kind of amputation where a skin flap covers a severed bone.
    Closed Method (Flap Amputation)
  6. Pt wakes up screaming at you after waking up post emergency surgury and a above the elbow amputation following a severe accident, what would the Nx do?
    Stay quietly with the client at the bedside.
  7. Pt says my arm isnt there but I can feel it throbbing, best response by the Nx would be?
    You may be experiencing phantom pain from the amputated site
  8. FIB

    _______ is a growth containing many nerve cells.
  9. FIB

    _____________ is a benzodiazepine, a drug that slows down the central nervous system. It has many uses, including....
    Clonazepam (Klonopin)
  10. The client asks the Nx why the stump is rewrapped w/ elastic bandages multiple times a day, the Nx best responds?
    It shrinks and shapes the stump
  11. A bacterial infection of the hair follicle which produces small, itching, solid areas.
  12. What is the least desirable position for a client schedule for a BTK (below the knee) amputation?
    Sitting in a chair
  13. The Nx team meets to develop a plan to strengthen the clients muscles following an amputation, what would be best?
    Lifting herself with a trapeze
  14. SATA

    BTK (below the knee) amputation, want to promote optimum rehabilitation, what Nx actions are appropriate?
    • Teach her to wrap the stump distally to proximally with an elastic roller bandage
    • Have her tighten her thigh muscles and press them into the bed several times a day
  15. What is the leading factor in osteoporosis?
    Estrogen Deficiency
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