Phychology final review

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  1. Define pychology
    tthe study of behaavior and mental proces
  2. pseudoscience
    a science based on guesses, hypotheseis
  3. psychology
    science based on research
  4. what is psyhology based on
    empirical evidence
  5. Graphology is an example of what
  6. wilhelm wundts is best known for this
    develpoed first psychology lab
  7. what is empirical evidence
    careful observation experimentation and ..
  8. Wundt's method of asking individuals to observe and analyze images and emotions is known as
  9. Define the functionali4st approach to psychology
    there is a purpose for every behavior
  10. who developed the theoty of psychoanalysis
    Sigmund freud
  11. What form of psychology studies how physiccal events interact with environmental events to influence behavior
  12. treatment for quitting smoking from a bilogical prospective would involve
  13. the psychological approach that studoes how geneticqlly influenced behavior of the [ast may influence behavior of the present is known as
  14. if a psychologist emphasizes rewards and punishments, what approach di they believe in in
  15. what psychological approach emphasizes menatal processes like memory, language, and problem solving
  16. psychologists with this background will emphasizes observable behavior
  17. what perspective seeks to make sense of physical and menatal states
  18. what [erspective emphasizes how others in our life influences how we percieve the world
  19. what is a trait
    habitual way of thinking and feeling
  20. what is personality
    stable pattern of behavior, thoughts and emotions
  21. which theory of personality dominated the 20th century
  22. what does psychoananlysi emphasize
    unconscious conflicts and motives
  23. in psychoamalisis, what fuels sexualtiy and life instincts
  24. qhR rw the order and the roles of freud's theory of personality
    • id-basic human indstincts
    • ego-balance between id and superego
    • superego-conscious, culture within us
  25. according to Freud, what is repression
    forgetting a traumatic event
  26. what are the defence mechanisms and what do they do
    strategy that denies of distorts reality to protect one from conflict and personality

    repression, regression, denial, displacement, reaction formation, projection
  27. what are Freuds psycosexual stages-inorder
    oral, anal, philac, latency, genetal
  28. what do developmental psychologists study
    `developmehnt of human human lifespan
  29. Define socialization
    how children learn attitudes ans behavior accepted and expected by society
  30. what are the three stages of prenatal development in order
    germanal, embryotic, fetal
  31. cigarettes smoking during ppregnancy can cause
    misscarriage, low birth weight
  32. measles during pregnancy causes
    defects in eyes,m ears, heart
  33. exposure to lead during pegnancy causes
    low IQ and ADHD
  34. what syndrome has a child born with small brain, facial deformalities, and mental retardation
    fetal alcohol syndrome
  35. what reflex causes a baby's toes to splay out then curl in when touched on the bottom f their foot
    babinski reflex
  36. when a baby turns their head when touched on one cheek this is what reflex
    rooting reflex
  37. parents in north america believe it is important for their babies to sleep
    alone throughout the night as soon as possible
  38. the Harlow's demonstrated the importance of this in theit rhesus monkey studies
    contact comfort
  39. If a child is seurely attached th their caregiver, they will feel this way about new situations
  40. between what ages ae babies most fearful of sytrangers
    6 to 8 months
  41. Ainsworth's experiment Strange Situations tested what
    attachment beween mother and child
  42. how does day care impact a child
    does not impact attachment
  43. when does the acquisition of language begin in young children
    cooing and crying
  44. does baby talk by parents help children learn language
  45. when children omit innecessary words, that is called
    telegraphic speech
  46. what did Noam Chomsky discover aboout the sentence structure of children
    the way it is spoken
  47. What dis Jean Piaget call the absorption of new information into existing mental categories
  48. what does the term homo sapiens mean
    rational man
  49. cognative psychologists have said the human mins is like what modern technological device
  50. what is the mental category that groups objects, relations, activities, and qualities
  51. a representative example of a concept is a
  52. researchers are finding that what greatly inlfuences concepts
    words being used
  53. what occurs outside conscious awareness but is accessibe to conciousness when necessary
  54. If you acquire knowledge of something without being awae of it it is known as
    implicient learning
  55. what is mindlessness
    not thinking before acting
  56. when you draw conclusions from facts and observations, you are
  57. what problem solving srategy guarantes a solution
  58. rules of thumb that suggest a course of action without guaranteeing a perfect solution are known as
  59. what proess weighs facts and ideas and compares them to reach a solutin
    dialectual reasoning
  60. what is the fists stage of reflective judgement
  61. what is a quasi-reflective judgements
    believer that all opinions are equal
  62. at what age are most people capable of reflective judgements
    mid to late 20
  63. the endency to see a meaningful pattern when none exist iscalled
    mental set( out in cold= get sick)
  64. the tendancy to look for infomation to support your belief is known as
    conformation bias
  65. the state of tension that exists when a persons belief is inconsistent with his behavior or belief
    cognative dissonance
  66. the tension felt when you know you have made a bad decision is known as
    post decision dissonance
  67. what is a mental age
    intellectual deelopment compared to other kids
  68. is it normal to worry that you are normal
  69. what does it mean to be insane
    the mental definition
  70. what four things are considered om order for a mental disorder to be diagnosed
    causes suffering, is self destructive,impairs ability to work, causes danger
  71. What is the DSM-IV
    contains 400 diagnosis desribes categories
  72. the tendency to overestimate your abilityto have predicted an event is known as
    hindsight bias
  73. what sidorder is most often diagnosed in childhood or adolesence
  74. If you gamble, set fres, and have violent rages, what disorder do you have
    impulsive disorder
  75. phobias are classified as what type of disorderr
  76. stealing and cheating with no remorse is linked to
    personality disorder
  77. is the fastest growing disorder in the USA
  78. What are the projective test based upon
    psychodynamic assumptions
  79. when something measures what it is suppose to it is known as
  80. What is a popular projective test
    Rorschach Inkblot
  81. A common personality test is organized into ten categories or scales
  82. What is the cheif problem of GAD
    constant uncontrolled anxiety
  83. if you have a traumatic event replayed over and over, you may be suffering from
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