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  1. Which of the following conditions is characterized by renal calculi and osteopenia?
  2. Renal calculi in pt with hyper parathyroidism is caused by an excessive accumulation of?
    Calcium and Phosphorus
  3. Pt has flushed skin, bulging eyes, perspiration, irritable, and having palpitations. What condition does the Nx suspect?
  4. Where is the thyroid gland located?
    Lower neck, anterior to the trach
  5. What test should the Nx expect to be ordered if hypothyroidism is suspected?
    TSH and T4
  6. Nx and client have discussed recent Dx of hypothyroidism, causes and effects. What statement warrants need for further insturction?
    "I just eat too much, thats why I am depressed and over weight."
  7. Person has hypothyroidism, what med would you expect to be administered?
  8. Hyperphosphatemia and hypocalcemia are indicitive of which of the following disorders?
  9. Excessive output of thyroid hormone, from abnormal stmulation of the thyroid gland is the etiology of what condition?
  10. Which lab result supports the Dx of primary hyperparatyroidism?
    PTH (para thyroid hormone) and high calcium levels
  11. Which vitamin enhances absorption of calcium from teh GI tract?
    Vitamin D
  12. Hypothyroidism, S/S?
    Tiredness, Cold Intolerance, Weight Gain, and Constipation
  13. Hyperthyroidism, what is used to treat it?
  14. What are signs of hypocalcemia?
    Chvostek's sign
  15. Chief sign of hypoparathyroidism?
  16. Pt has sub total thyroidectomy in the morning, on evening rounds Pt experiences nausea, temp 105, tachycardia, and extreme restlessness.
    Thyroid Crisis/Storm
  17. Nx taking care of a pt with a sub total thyroidectomy, what S/S could indicated bleeding at the site?
    Difficulty Swallowing
  18. Nx aide assigned to client ask why client is at high risk for injury, what response is best to explain s/e of hyperparathyroidism?
    Pathological Bone Fracture
  19. Parathyroid glands surgically removed what foods would you encourage?
    Milk and Cheese
  20. On the 3rd day after partial thyroidectomy client experiences muscle twitching, when client is questioned....which electrolyte disturbance will you suspect?
  21. After undergoing thyroidectomy pt develops hypocalcemia and teteny, what medication would the Nx expect to administer?
    Calcium Gluconate
  22. Pt has high levels of T3 and T4, what condition would you suspect?
  23. While monitoring client with hypothyroidism, while assessing a pt you would expect to find?
    Hypoactive Bowel Sounds
  24. Femal Dx with hyperthyroidism while planning care Nx should give priority to which goal?
    Providing client with adequte rest and sleep
  25. Hyperthyroidism is commonly known as which disease?
    Graves Disease
  26. Which of the following forms of hyperthyroidism is life threatning?
    Thyroid Storm/Crisis
  27. Manifestation of which sign is most indicative that your post op pt is developing a Thyroid Crisis/Storm?
    High Fever
  28. Pt had thyroidectomy, how to assess for laryngeal nerve damange?
    Say "Ahhh"
  29. Hyperparathyroid, benign tumor, what is closely associated with this?
    Recurrant kidney stones
  30. Ordered: IV 1000ml 5% dextrose in water D5W for 12hrs
    Delivers 15gtt per ml
    Approx. How many drops per minute?

    • 12hrs x60= 720min
    • 1000/720= 1.38x15gtt= 20.8
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