Eng 3 2nd sem study guide

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  1. Finale
    The last part of a piece of music, a performance, or a public event, esp. when particularly dramatic or exciting
  2. Probable
    n. A person who is likely to become or do something, esp. one who is likely to be chosen for a team

    adj. Likely to be the case or to happen
  3. Diligent
    Having or showing care and conscientiousness in one's work or duties

    • Example:
    • Many caves are located only after a diligent search
  4. Extricate
    Free (someone or something) from a constraint or difficulty
  5. Eminent
    Famous and respected within a particular area
  6. sumptuous
    adj . Splendid and expensive-looking
  7. Impediment
    A hindrance or obstruction in doing something

    A defect in a person's speech, such as a lisp or stammer
  8. Circumvent
    To get around something usually by outsmarting
  9. Profound
    Intense, very deep
  10. Refute
    To prove wrong; deny
  11. Quota
    A fixed amount
  12. Pretense
    False display/claim
  13. Constraints
    Limitation or restriction
  14. Covet
    Yearn to have
  15. Morbid
    Appealing to abnormal unhealthy interests
  16. Discrepancy
    Lack of similarity between two or more facts
  17. Surmised
    Suppthat something is true without having any evidence
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