Networking+ Ch 3

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  1. AM
    (Amplitude Modulation) A modulation technique in wich the amplitude of signal is modifide
  2. Attenuation
    Extent to wich a signal has weakened after travaling a given distance
  3. Bandwidth
    A measure of the difference between the highest and lowest frequencies that a medium can transmit
  4. Baseband
    digital sigleals sent, baseband systems can only transmit one signal at a time
  5. BNC
    (Bayonet Neill-concelman) Standered for coaxial connectors
  6. Broadband
    signals modulated as radiofrequency, analog pulses, multichannel (unlike Baseband)
  7. Cat 4
    UTP, 16-Mbps Throughput, Used in 16-Mbp tokenring, or 10-Mbps ethernet
  8. Cat 5
    UTP, 100-Mbps throughput, 100-MHz signal
  9. Cat 5e
    reduced crosstalk, 350 Mhz
  10. Cat 6
    6 times throuput of cat 5, 250 MHz
  11. Cat 6e
    550 MHz, multi-gigabit per second
  12. Cat 7
  13. DB-9 Connector
    9 pin, serial comunication
  14. DB-25 Connector
    25 pin, serial
  15. DCE
    (Data circuit-terminating equipment)
  16. DTE
    Any end-user device, Pc, terminal
  17. DWDM
    • (dense wavelength division multiplexing)
    • multiplexing technique used over single mode or multi mode fiber, each signal differnt wavelangth
  18. F-type connector
    used to terminate coaxial
  19. FDM
    • (frequency division multiplexing)
    • multiplexing, assighns unique frequency band to each comm. subchannel, modulated carrier frequencies, multiplexed to travel over a single channel
  20. Ferrule
    encircles fiber strand in connector, keeps fiber alighned
  21. Full-duplex
    transmission were signals can travel both ways on medium at the same time
  22. Latency
    Delay between transmission of signal and its receipt
  23. MMF
    • (multimode fiber)
    • Fiber core 50-100 microns, LED
  24. Modem
    analog into digital, and digital to analog
  25. MT-RJ
    • (mech. trans.-registered Jack)
    • Connector used with Multi and single fiber
  26. Overhead
    nondata info that accompanys data
  27. Regeneration
    regens. digital signal without noise
  28. RG-6
    coax, 75 ohms, 18 awg
  29. RG-8
    coax, 50 ohms, 10 awg
  30. RG-58
    50 ohm, 24 awg
  31. RG-59
    75 ohm, 20 or 22 awg
  32. RJ-11
    stand. connector for UTP (Cat 3) analog phones
  33. Serial
    trans. pulses rep. bits of data follow one another sequentially
  34. SMF
    • (Single Mode Fiber)
    • single path, faster for longer distance, explensive
  35. ST
    • (Straight tip)
    • conn. used with single-mode or miltimode fiber
  36. Statistical multiplexer
    Each node assinghned a time for transmitting
  37. Thicknet
    IEEE P. layer standered for achieving maximum of 10-Mdps thro. over coax, max length 500 meters, bus topology
  38. Thinnet
    IEEE 10-Mbps thro. over coax, 185 meter max, bus topology
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