Washington Driver Guide, Check the Vehicle

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  1. Braking System
    • Stops your vehicle.
  2. Turn Signals
    • Help other drivers know if your turning left or right.
  3. Brake lights
    • Help other drivers know if your going to brake.
  4. Tail lights
    • Lights on the back of your car that include the Brake lights and turn Signals.
  5. Headlights
    • Lights your way at night, seen in front of car.
  6. Windshield
    • The very window in front of your car.
  7. Wipers
    • Helps clear rain, snow, etc in your window. Helps you see through Headlights.
  8. Tires
    • Is what rims need for it to work properly.
  9. Steering System
    • Helps you steer front wheels left or right.
  10. Suspension System
    • Helps you Control your vehicle and provides comfortable rides over varying road surfaces.
  11. Exhaust System
    • Helps reduce the noise from the engine.
  12. Engine
    • Helps the car start.
  13. Horn
    • Used only as a warning to others.

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Washington Driver Guide, Check the Vehicle
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Vehicle safety gears

Gears of Vehicles and how it will help you.
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