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  1. The thoracic cavity contains
    The heart and two lungs
  2. Defintion of an organ system
    A collection of related organs that interact together and carry out some complex body function
  3. What does a motor neuron do
    Releases molecules that excite a skeletal muscle fiber to contract
  4. What does the nervous system consist of
    • Brain
    • Spinal Cord
    • Nerves
    • Sensory receptors
  5. What do the endocrine glands do
    provide internal secretion into the bloodstream
  6. What do the exocrine glands do
    Provide external secretion into ducts
  7. Tiniest blood vessels
  8. What is lymph
    Clear watery fluid that is filtered out of blood capillaries
  9. The Upper Respiratory pathway extends
    From the nose and mouth down to the trachea
  10. The Lower Respiratory system starts
    from the right and left primary bronchi and extends in the lungs
  11. Simpliest form of a chemical element
  12. Four most common element found in the human body
    • Carbon
    • Oxygen
    • Hydrogen
    • Nitrogen
  13. Molecule
    A combination of two or more atoms held together by chemical bonds
  14. What do organic molecules include
  15. Which is the much more abundant structural protein in the extracellular matrix
  16. Building block for the protein molecule
    Amino acid
  17. Basic structure for a collagen fiber
    Triple helix
  18. What are the three main groups in the lipid family
    • Triglycerides
    • Phospholipids
    • Steroids
  19. _______ make up most of the body fat we humans store as extra energy
  20. What molecules are an important anatomical component of most cell membranes
  21. What does insoluble mean
    Not dissolvable in water
  22. What is the main chemical structure of a tendon
  23. Triglycerides and phospholipids contain fatty acids tails that are
  24. Two common monosaccharides are
    glucose and fructose
  25. The main polysaccharide within the human body
  26. What do transport proteins do
    Carry ions and other chemicals through the membrane
  27. Two types of nucleic acids
    RNA and DNA
  28. What is hematopoiesis
    The process of blood formation
  29. What is the main function of red bone marrow
  30. The main function of yellow bone marrow
    Functions as an energy reserve
  31. Presbyopia
    Impaired vision due to aging
  32. Presbycusis
    hearing loss occuring in old age
  33. How many chambers does the heart have?
  34. What are the chambers of the heart
    • Right & Left Atrium
    • Right & left ventricles
  35. Myocardium
    heart muscle
  36. Lymphocytes
    disease fighting cells that circulate the body through blood
  37. What does the spleen store?
    Red blood cells
  38. What gland procduces lymphocytes?
  39. What cavity surrounds the lungs
    Pleural cavity
  40. How many lobes does the right lung have
  41. How many lobes does the left lung have
  42. What organ secretes enzymes necessary for digestion
  43. What does the liver secrete
    bile for digestion
  44. What organ stores bile
  45. What part of the brain maintains homeostasis
  46. What does the medulla oblongata regulate
    the centers that controls respiration, heart rate and the respiratory system
  47. The lobes of the cerebrum controls
    • speech
    • vision
    • concentration
    • hearing
    • learning
  48. What are the three parts of the neuron
    • The cell body
    • Dendrites
    • Axon
  49. What are dendrites
    Slender cell surface projections that receive electrical signals from other nerve cells aand relay these impulses toward the cell body
  50. What is an axon
    A single process what carries impulses away from the cell body
  51. Describe a serous membrane
    Lines a body cavity that does not open to the outside of the body
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