WWII section 1

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  1. League of Nations
    this was created at the end of WWI to encourage international cooperation and to keep peace between nations
  2. Spanish Civil War
    this is a dress rehersal for WWII
  3. Franco
    he is the military dictator of Spain
  4. Hitler
    he is the military dictator of Germany
  5. Mussolini
    he is the military dictator of Italy
  6. Rhineland
    this was the german industrial land taken by France at the end of WWI and was demilitaized
  7. Austria
    this country had common blood w/ germany
  8. Sudetenland
    this is the last territorial demand that it will make of Europe
  9. Munich Conference
    it was here where the leaders of Europe followed a policy of apperasement to prevent WWII
  10. appeasement
    a policy to satisfy the reasonable demands of a dissatisfied power
  11. Chamberlain
    He said, "Peace in/for our time"
  12. Czechoslovakia
    this is the first non German territory taken by Hitler in WWII
  13. Hitler-Stalin Pact
    this is a non agression agreemendt between Nazis and Communists
  14. Poland
    when this country was attacked it started WWII
  15. Blitzkrieg
    lightning war
  16. Luftwaffe
    this is the German airforce
  17. Chamberlain
    He was the prime minister of England at the beginning of WWII
  18. Churchill
    He was the prime minister of england during WWII
  19. Churchill
    He said "we shall never surrender"
  20. Churchill
    He said "victory at all costs"
  21. Maginot Line
    this is a system of French fortification along German border
  22. Siegfried Line
    a german system of fake fortification along French border
  23. Phony War
    fake zone of the pending German invasion
  24. Belgium
    this country, unlike WWI, they immediately surrendered
  25. Compiegne
    here in a railroad car that Hitler forced French to surrender
  26. Vichly
    unoccupied part of France under watchful eye of Germany
  27. de Gaulle
    leader of French Freedom Fighters
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