WWII section 2

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  1. Dunkrik
    it was here that the minute evacuation of all British and French troops took place
  2. England
    turned into and island fortress
  3. V-1
    rockets-a small jet-propelled german rocket carrying explosives aimed at london
  4. Hese
    he made a self-inspired mission of peace
  5. Leningrad
    this is the greatest and longest siege war endured by a modern city
  6. Moscow
    here that Germand army was defeated by Napolenonic weather
  7. Stalingrad
    turning point of the war in the east
  8. Hirohito
    he was the "Divine Emperor" of Japan
  9. Tojo
    he was prime minister of japan who warned japan to mkae victory certain
  10. Tojo
    Japan must dictate the terms of peace in the White House
  11. Tojo
    He directed the attack on Pearl Harbor
  12. Yamamoto
    commander-in-cheif of the Japanese Navy to defend Japan
  13. "Climb Mt. Niitaka"
    the code to bomb Pearl Harbor
  14. Battleship Row
    this was the US Navy Battle ships as they were docked at Ford's Island
  15. Franklin D. Roosevelt
    president of the US at the beginning of WWII
  16. Dec. 7, 1941
    he said "a date that will live in infamy"
  17. infamy
    this means dishonor/disgrace
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