WWII section 4

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  1. Tokyo Rose
    to discourage American soldiers, she spoke anti-american propaganda over the radio
  2. Ernie Pyle
    a "Hoosier" reporter on the war front. His death meant the army "lost a buddy"
  3. Samurai
    this code taught the only alternative to victory was death. for anyone to surrender it was considered disgraceful
  4. Hara-kiri
    honorable suicide (face the japanese international palace; cut off head, or belly-left to right)
  5. Banzai
    japanese suicide charge at the enemy
  6. Kamikaze
    japanese suicide pilots of death (1 plane sinks 1 boat)
  7. island hopping
    establishing a line of over lapping island bases unil japan comes w/in flying range of american bombers
  8. Project Manhattan
    codename for the american project to develop the atomic bomb
  9. Midway
    this battle was the turning point in the pacific
  10. Guadalcanal
    this battle the US demonstrated the US could defeat the japanese warrior in jungle warfare
  11. Guam
    this battle was so decisive that japan could never again rise to challenge US airforce
  12. Iwo Jima
    japan's "seeing eyes" to warn Tokyo of approaching American bombers
  13. Okinawa
    last strategic island taken before bombing japan
  14. Harry S. Truman
    ordered the dropping of the atomic bomb on japanese cities
  15. Harry S. Truman
    "The buck stops here"
  16. Little Boy
    name given to first A-bomb
  17. Hiroshima
    August 6, 1945 at 8:16 am, the first a-bomb was dropped here
  18. Enda Gay
    name of plance that dropped first a-bomb
  19. Paul Tibbets
    pilot of plane to drop first a-bomb
  20. Nagasaki
    August 9, 1945, second atomic bomb dropped here
  21. fat man
    name of second a-bomb
  22. V-J Day
    victory over Japan, WWII ends
  23. Yalta Comference
    here, during the war, the allied leaders met to discuss peace plans for europe
  24. United Nations
    created at the end of WWII to encourage international cooperation and prevent war
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