Digestive System

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  1. preoral cavity
    grinds and recieves food as it first enters the body
  2. pharnyx
    the first region in the foregut which is heavily muscled to help with swallowing
  3. esophagus
    swallows food and dumps it into the crop
  4. salivary gland
    secretes fluid to lubricate food as it passes out of the pharnyx and down the esophagus and into the crop. Secretes some digestive fluid
  5. crop
    stores food while midgut enzymes are allowed to enter through proventriculus to digest the food
  6. proventriculus
    acts as a valve between crop and midgut. it often contains heavy teeth for grinding food
  7. mid gut
    secretes digestive enzymes and the peritrophic membrane. it absorbs nutrients from food broken down by digestive enzymes
  8. gastric caeca
    fingerlike pouches off midgut they are known to house symbiotic bacteria
  9. malphigian tubules
    filters harmful substances and nitrogenous waste from hemolymph.
  10. peritrophic membrane
    membrane secreted by midgut cells. protects the cells of the mid and hind gut. encloses food but is permable to enzymes and allows digestive products to leave and be further digested or absorbed by midgut cells
  11. ileum
    first part of the hind gut, larger than the colon
  12. colon
    narrow portion of the hindgut
  13. rectum
    posterior part of hindgut. dehydrates wastes and compresses it into pellets
  14. anus
    expels compressed waste out of the insects body
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