English 12

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  1. apposite
    appropriate; suitable, apt, relevent, pertinent
  2. augur
    a prophet or seer, to predict, oracle, bode
  3. bilk
    to defraud, cheat, swindle, evade pament of , dupe, cozen
  4. charisma
    special personal magnetis, that makes an individual exceptionally appealing, charm, mystique
  5. debilitate
    to make weak or feeble, sap, exhaust, enfeeble
  6. execrable
    utterly detestable, hateful, odious, abominable, reprehensive
  7. impinge
    to strike against or collide with violently, horn in affect
  8. labyrinth
    a bewildering maze; tangle, mystery
  9. narcissism
    excessive self love, egotism, conceit, vanity, amor people
  10. niggardly
    stingy, meanly small, tightfisted, penny-pinching, mean
  11. pastiche
    a dramatic, musical or literay work, medley, patchwork, melange
  12. precarious
    very uncertain or unsure, dangerous, risky, dubious, ticklish
  13. rapport
    a close and harmonious relationship, bond, tie, affinity, understanding
  14. utilitarian
    stressing over other considerations, practical, funtional, pragmatic
  15. vacuous
    devoid of matter, substance, or meaning, inane, insipid, fatuous, empty
  16. vagary
    an unpredictable, erratic, purposeless action, whim, quirk
  17. viable
    capable of living under norma circumstances, practical, feasible
  18. xenophobia
    indue or unreasonable fear, hatred of foreigners, paochialism
  19. zany
    clowny or funny in a crazy, bizarre, one who plays a clown, comical, daffy, buffon
  20. zealot
    a fanatical partisan, extremist
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