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  1. nutrients
    substances required by organisms to carry out life processes.
  2. autotrophs
    organisms that can produce their own food.
  3. heterotrophs
    organisms that cant produce their own food.
  4. digestion
    the process of breaking down complex, organic compounds into simpilar substances.
  5. intracellular digestion
    digestion inside of a cell
  6. extracellular digestion
    digestion outside of a organisms cells
  7. gastrovascular cavity
    the unspecialized digestive cavity as the hydro
  8. mouth
    opening where food enters the digestive tract
  9. anus
    the opening where undigestied wastes leave the body
  10. pharynx
    part of the digestive tract that connects the mouth to the esophagus
  11. esophagus
    muscular tube that moves food into the stoumach
  12. crop
    organ in the earthworm where food is stored
  13. gizzard
    ordan in the earthworm where food is growned up.
  14. filter feeding
    the getting of food by filtering it out by water
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