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  1. bewilder
    to be confused or puzzled
  2. virulent
    poisonous, causing harm, infectious
  3. garnish
    to provide with something of beauty; decorate
  4. brigand
    group of robbers or bandit; usually in mountainous areas
  5. scanty
    barely enough; quantity very little
  6. improvident
    • not being able to provide; not cautious
    • thoughtless, careless
  7. parity
    equality, same amount, status, or character
  8. lavish
    great amount, extra
  9. traduce
    to speak falsly of something or someone
  10. defray
    to pay all or part of (expenses)
  11. fabricate
    to invent or create; to make up
  12. befuddle
    to make stupid; to confuse
  13. syllabus
    summary/outline of course of study, or exam requirements
  14. raze
    erase; cut/shave off; get rid of
  15. imposition
    impressice in size; burden; onus
  16. envoy
    messenger; representative
  17. innate
    belonging somewhere at birth; inborn; nature
  18. eclipse
    total or partial covering of one another; decline; covering
  19. exigency
    emergency; urgency
  20. domicile
    dwelling place; place of living; home
  21. falsetto
    squeal; squeak
  22. menial
    unskilled; slavish
  23. concur
  24. dissent
    disagree; opposite opinions
  25. frugal
    sparing; not wasteful
  26. consolidate
    unite; combine together
  27. espouse
    to make your own
  28. interment
    burial; grave; entombment
  29. extol
    to praise highly
  30. foreclose
    to lock out; to shut out
  31. conjure
    to raise up; to call up
  32. supple
    ability to easily bend; flexible
  33. immerse
    plunge or dip into a liquid
  34. lament
    mourn; show sorrow
  35. intrepid
    fearless; brave
  36. chastise
    to punish; to scold
  37. expedient
    resource; device
  38. lucent
  39. balmy
    gently soothing; mild
  40. allege
    to declare; to maintain
  41. banal
    overused; trite
  42. arduous
    difficult; strenuous
  43. waive
    to pass up; to surrender
  44. enrapture
    to delight; to enchant
  45. lethargic
    to be drowsy or sluggish
  46. intrigue
    to plot; to scheme
  47. delineate
    to outline
  48. malevolent
    harmful, spiteful; evil
  49. breach
    to break through; to make a gap in
  50. pundit
    expert authority; commentator
  51. warrant
    arrest authorization; seizure justification
  52. fester
    to rot; to ulcerate
  53. inept
    unskilled; untrained
  54. nascent
    coming into existence; beginning
  55. bewail
    mourning; to weep
  56. belligerent
    hostile; aggressive
  57. veracity
    truthful or accurate; straightforwardness
  58. elucidate
    to explain; to clarify; to illuminate
  59. illusory
    misleading; deceptive
  60. surmise
    to guess; to suppose
  61. beatific
    blissful; joyful
  62. smirch
    to stain; to soil
  63. corroborate
    to bear witness; to confirm
  64. hypocrite
    imposter; faker
  65. apprise
    inform; to notify
  66. validate
    to verify; to substantiate
  67. penance
    penalty; punishment
  68. rampant
    raging; wild
  69. affidavit
    a sworn statement; deposition
  70. sable
    black; pitch-black
  71. similitude
    likeness; resemblance
  72. restitution
    atonement; amends
  73. clamor
    to loudly cry out; to shout
  74. haughty
    extremely proud; self important
  75. prodigy
    child genius; extremely talented child
  76. craven
  77. blight
    to destroy; to devastate
  78. adjudge
    to decree; to ordain
  79. welter
    disordered mass; jumble
  80. circumvent
    to avoid; to bypass
  81. divulge
    to reveal; disclose
  82. voluble
    fluent in speech; talkative
  83. epitome
    perfect example; model
  84. eradicate
    eliminate; exterminate
  85. implore
    beseech; beg
  86. aggregate
    to collect to form one group
  87. volition
    the act of making a choice or decision
  88. efficacy
    how effective something is
  89. adventitious
  90. reiterate
    to say or do something repeatedly
  91. underwrite
    to support; to guarantee
  92. astringent
    binding; constricting
  93. oracle
    soothsayer; prophet
  94. throes
    painful struggle; agony
  95. serrate
    to groove; to notch
  96. analgesic
    anesthetic; painkiller
  97. bequeath
    to hand down; to pass on
  98. stature
    rank; position
  99. vantage
    superiority; advantage
  100. emission
    discharging; outpouring
  101. referendum
    popular vote; vote of all people
  102. leeward
    sheltered; protected
  103. manifest
    to show; to display
  104. precedent
    previous case; model
  105. abrogate
    to repeal; to abolish
  106. amiable
    friendly; likeable
  107. linear
    straight; direct
  108. commendable
    praiseworthy; admirable
  109. entrench
    to fortify; to dig in
  110. regime
    government; administration
  111. obsequious
    servile; docile
  112. alimentary
    nutritious; docile
  113. litigate
    to contest in court; to contend
  114. notoriety
    infamy; shame
  115. provision
    specification; condition
  116. accomplice
    partner in crime; contributer
  117. rummage
    to search; to hunt
  118. circumspect
    cautious; wary
  119. extraneous
    irrelevant; unrelated
  120. flagrant
    blatant; noticable
  121. vanquish
    to conquer; to defeat
  122. wistful
    dreamy; melancholy
  123. adulate
    to idolize; to worship
  124. anomaly
    deviation; aberration
  125. habituate
    to accustom; to get used to
  126. hospitable
    welcoming; generous
  127. grandiose
    impressive; magnificent
  128. proximity
    nearness; closeness
  129. exacerbate
    to annoy; to irritate
  130. jocose
    joking; playful; teasing
  131. quirk
    peculiarity; oddity
  132. flippant
    disrespectful; brash
  133. bestow
    to give; to confer
  134. heinous
    abominably wicked; truly evil
  135. infiltrate
    to invade; to intrude
  136. blandishment
    flattering; cajolery
  137. impeccable
    flawless; perfect
  138. obliterate
    to wipe out; to annihilate
  139. severance
    separated; split apart
  140. exemplify
    to illustrate; to give an example
  141. sublimate
    to transfer; to redirect
  142. culmination
    conclusion; completion
  143. voracity
    eagerness; deep desire
  144. inquisitive
    curious; inquiring
  145. vehement
    vigorous; earnest
  146. beguile
    to deceive; to cheat
  147. miasma
    stench; strong smell
  148. salient
    prominent; outstanding
  149. zealous
    eager; earnest
  150. zapport
    harmonious relationship; connection
  151. dubious
    doubtful; quesionable
  152. importune
    to urge repeatedly; to insist
  153. attenuate
    to make or become fine; thin
  154. incendiary
    flammable; combustible
  155. putative
    supposed; assumed
  156. tempestuous
    stormy; turbulent
  157. synopsis
    outline; abstract
  158. veneer
    pretension; false front
  159. havoc
    destruction; devistation
  160. frivolous
    trivial; insignificant
  161. blatant
    loud; flagrant
  162. aggrieve
    to trust unjustly; to mistreat
  163. laudable
    praiseworthy; exemplary
  164. purloin
    to steal; to rob
  165. zest
    spirit; liveliness
  166. vexatious
    annoying; bothersome
  167. prognosis
    prediction; forcast
  168. nullify
    to revoke; to repeal
  169. innovation
    something new; novelty
  170. magnanimous
    merciful; forgiving
  171. jettison
    to cast off
  172. figment
    invention; fabrication
  173. amplify
    make louder; to make more powerful
  174. ebullient
    exuberant; high-spirited
  175. diverge
    to depart; to separate
  176. morose
    sullen; gloomy
  177. obdurate
    unyielding; inflexible
  178. requisite
    necessary; needed
  179. vitreous
    glassy; crystalline
  180. admonish
    to warn; to advise
  181. combustion
    burning; ignition
  182. terse
    concise; brief
  183. synthesis
    combination; union
  184. paramount
    greatest; dominant
  185. kindred
    kinfolk; family
  186. lichen
    algae; scaly growth
  187. allegation
    assertion; affirmation
  188. inadvertent
    unintentional; accidental
  189. bawdy
    vulgar; lewd
  190. transcendent
    unique; exceeding
  191. scurry
  192. animosity
    strong hatred; ill will
  193. forbearance
    refrain; control
  194. exonerate
    free from blame
  195. liquidate
    settle the accounts of
  196. jeopardy
    to risk; endanger
  197. ubiquitous
    everywhere at the same time
  198. garrulous
    talking a lot
  199. enervate
  200. amnesty
    pardon for political offenses
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