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  1. What's up ya'll?!?! You ready to study?
    The answer should be yes
  2. What border of the heart is formed almost entirely by LEFT VENTRICLE and part of the upper left atrium?
    Left Border
  3. What border has GREAT vessels entering and leaving the heart and formed by BOTH atria?
    Superior Border
  4. What border projects SUPERIORLY, and posteriorly to the right and formed mostly by the left atrium?
    Base Border
  5. What border is formed mostly by RIGHT atrium and corresponds to a curved line drawn from Xiphisternal Articulation to the middle of the 3rd costal cartilage?
    Right Border
  6. What border is formed by the Right Ventricle and slightly the Left Ventricle?
    Inferior Border
  7. Is Sternocostal surface is considered anterior or posterior? What forms it?
    • Anterior
    • Right Ventricle and Right Atrium
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