Short Story Vocab.

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  1. inured
    accustomed or used to.
  2. immutable
    unchangable, unable to be changed.
  3. irrevocable
    unable to be remebered; not cancel.
  4. increments
    to increase by a certain amount.
  5. imperative
    necessary, unavoidable.
  6. appreciable
    considerate, considerable.
  7. serum
    watery fluid.
  8. apprehension
    opinion, view.
  9. paramount
    of importance, supreme.
  10. periodic
    repeating in intervals.
  11. immigrant
    someone who goes to another country.
  12. surpass
    to excel, be better than; go beyond.
  13. fervent
    enthusiastic, showing great emotion.
  14. prodigy
    marvelous; great or extraordinary talent.
  15. idignity
  16. listless
    unenthusiastic; showing no emotion.
  17. entrance
    entering, right to enter.
  18. mesmerize
    to fascinate or allure.
  19. reverie
    fantasy, daydream.
  20. discordant
    to disagree, variations.
  21. lament
    to mourn, express sorrow.
  22. inevitable
    unavoidable, necessary.
  23. appurtenance
    something that is important; necessity.
  24. erosion
    wearing/eroding of rocks.
  25. buckle
    apply pressure, give in.
  26. conspicuous
    obvious, easily noticeable.
  27. subtle
    taken with caution, delicate.
  28. dodder
    to tremble, shake.
  29. reminiscent
    to remember past experiences.
  30. cavernous
    resembling a cave.
  31. sift
    to sort through; separate.
  32. gnash
    to grind teeth.
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