2 humidity & aerosol

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  1. when inspired air is fully saturated (100%) at 37' C, it holds ____ gas and exert a water vapor pressure of ____ mmHg
    • 44
    • 47
  2. amount of water in a given volume of gas
    absolute humidity
  3. ratio btwn the amt of water in a given vol of gas and the maximum amt it is capable of holding at that temperature
    relative humidity
  4. relative humidity formula
    absolute humidity capacity X 100

    in percent
  5. body humidity formula
    absolute humidity / 44 mg/L x 100

    in percent
  6. humidity deficit formula
    44 mg/L - absolute humidity
  7. gas being delivered to a pt with an ETT or tracheostomy tube that contains less than 44 mg h20 per liter of gas or water vapor pressure of less than 47 mm Hg tends to?
    dry secretions, making them thicker and more difficult to mobilize
  8. 2 types of nonheated humidifer
    • pass-over
    • bubble
  9. pass-over humidifier provides a body huidity of
  10. bubble humidifier provides a body humidity of
  11. what is the most common type of humidifier used with oxygen delivery devices
  12. 2 types of heated humidifier that delivers 100% body humidity
    • wick
    • cascade
  13. most nonheated humidifiers have a pressure pop off valve set at
    2 psi
  14. tubing of the 02 delivery device should be kinked to obstruct flow, if the pop off SOUNDS, then there are
    no leaks
  15. if no sound is heard on the pop off valve, then all connections as well as the humidifier top should be
  16. water levels of all humidifiers should be maintained at the levels marked on the humidifier jar to ensure
    max humidity output
  17. warm moist areas, such as heated humidifiers are a breeding ground for microorganisms especially to what type of species
  18. humidifier should be replaced every
    24 hours
  19. jet nebulizers are a more likely source of what type of infections
  20. HME is used for temp humidification during pt
    • transport
    • long term ventilator
  21. clinical use for aerosol therapy
    • laryngotracheobronchitis LTB
    • administer meds via HHN or USN
    • upper airway edema
    • hydrate pt with tracheostomy
    • induce cough
  22. types of pneumatic nebulizers
    • jet
    • hydrosphere-babington
    • svn
  23. MDI should be activated just
    after you start inhaling
  24. types of electric nebulizers
    • impeller
    • ultrasonic
  25. what is the piece that produces a high frequency vibration on the USN
    piezoelectric transducer
  26. which neb is the best choice for pts with thick, retained sputum or when sputum induction is necessary for lab cultures
  27. what is the cause if neb is not producing adequate mist
    • clogged capillary tube
    • jet may be the cause
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