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  1. Generator Volts and Max Amps
    • 30 V regulated to 28.5V
    • 400 A max unless >59F then 300 A
  2. Battery Volts and Amps
    • 24v Lead Acid 40 A/Hr
    • 23v NiCad 23 A/Hr (71CK)
  3. External Power Volts and Amps limit
    • 28 V 1000 A
    • Overvoltage relay kicks ext Pwr off at 33+/- 2 VDC
  4. Items Hot Wired to Battery
    • 1. Door Motor
    • 2. Entry Lights
    • 3. Pin Head lights (only 20's)
    • 4. Stall Warnings
    • 5. No Smoking/Seatbelt Sign Light
    • 6. Cabin dump Valves
  5. Min Volts to close Bat Relay
    16v in Bat
  6. Min Voltage to start engine
    • 24v lead acid
    • 23v NiCad
  7. Where does voltmeter get its reading from?
    • Bat Charging Bus and reads Highest Volts
    • 28.5=Gen
    • 24=Bat
    • 28=Ext Pwr
  8. How to Check Bat Voltage
    • 1. Turn on Bat 1
    • 2. Read Voltage
    • 3. Turn Bat 2 on
    • 4. Turn Bat 1 off
    • 5. Read Voltage
    • 6. Turn Bat 1 on
  9. How to check Current limiters
    • 1. Pull Tie Bus CB
    • 2. Turn 2nd Gen started off
    • 3. Opposite Ammeter increases(x2)
    • Voltmeter reads 28.5 V
    • Same Ammeter reads 0A load
    • 4. Turn 2nd Gen on
    • 5. Turn 1st Gen started off
    • 6. Observe #3
    • 7. Turn 1st Gen on
    • 8. reset Tie Bus CB
  10. Indications of Gen Failure
    • 1. Gen Light
    • 2. Zero amps on failed Ammeter
    • 3. increased Load on operating Gen
  11. Max Fuel Imbalance
    600lbs or 125gals per wing tank
  12. When can you move fuel from wings to Fuselage?
    when at least 1000lbs in each wing tank
  13. How much fuel gravity feeds from Tip tanks?
    1/2 of the Tip tanks
  14. when does Fuel filter light turn on
    If 1 or both fuel filters are being bypassed.
  15. When dose fuel press light turn on?
    On at .25PSI and off at 1PSI
  16. Fuselage tank empty light means what?
    • There is no pressure in the XFER line.
    • Caused by XFER pump failed, XFER Valve didn't open, Line blocked, no fuel.
  17. What happens when XFER/FILL switch is moved to XFER.
    • 1. Move XFER/FILL switch to XFER
    • 2. XFLOW and XFER valves open (D.L.)
    • 3. STBY pumps de-energized (bad if in use)
    • 4.Fuselage empty switch is energized and white light flashes on then off.
    • 5. XFER pump energized
    • 6. Fuel moves into wing tanks at 50lbs/min
    • 7. Monitor the XFER process
    • 8. When fuselage empty light starts blinking turn XFER/FILL switch to off
    • 9. XFER pump disabled, Fuselage empty light disabled, STBY pumps enabled, XFER and XFLOW valves closed (D.L.)
  18. How do you correct a fuel imbalace?
    L 1600lbs R 1000lbs
    • 1. Turn on heavy side pump
    • 2. Open XFLOW valve (D.L.)
    • 3. Monitor XFLOW at 50lbs/min
    • 4. Transfer 1/2 of the total imbalance
    • 5. When tanks are balanced-Close XFLOW valve (D.L.) and Turn STBY pump off.
  19. How to Top Off Learjet?
    • 1. Ensure 6 cans of prist
    • 2. Aircraft is grounded
    • 3. DOD fuel or do fuel quality check
    • 4. Max imbalance 125 gal per side
    • 5. Min 1000lbs in each wing before starting FILL of fuselage tank
    • 6. Verify no bubbles
    • 7. Fuel caps secured and facing FWD
  20. IF STBY and Engine pumps Fail max Altitude?
  21. How to do a Fuel pannel Check (preflight)
    • 1. Turn Left Jet Pump off (D.L.)
    • 2. Turn Left Jet Pump on (D.L.)
    • 3. Turn Right Jet Pump off (D.L.)
    • 4. Turn Right Jet Pump on (D.L.)
    • 5. Turn Left STBY Pump on (white light on switch turns on and Left Fuel Pressure light turns off)
    • 6. Open XFLOW valve (D.L. and Right Fuel Pressure light to turn off)
    • 7. Close XFLOW Valve (D.L. and Right Fuel Pressure light turns on)
    • 8. Turn Left STBY Pump off (white light on switch turns off and Left Fuel Pressure light turns on)
    • 9. Turn Right STBY Pump on (white light on switch turns on and Right Fuel Pressure light turns off)
    • 10. Turn Right STBY Pump off (white light on switch turns off and Right Fuel Pressure light turns on)
    • 11. XFR/FILL switch to XFER (D.L. and white light flashes)
    • 12. XFR/FILL switch to off (D.L.)
    • 13. XFR/FILL switch to FILL (D.L. and if Fuselage tank is full only green light)
    • 14. XFR/FILL switch to off ( if not full get the D.L.)
    • 15. Check Fuel Quanity (RTip to LTip, LWing to RWing, Fuselage, Total)
    • 16. If just Refuled then Zero Fuel counter.
  22. When would the low fuel light turn on?
    if 450lbs or less in either wing tanks
  23. Type of engines on 20's and 30's
    • 20's General Electric
    • GE CJ610-8
    • GE CJ610-8A (FL510 Cabin 248CK)
    • Axial flow Turbo Jet 2,950lbs at SL

    • 30's Garrett
    • TFE731-2-2B (EEC)
    • TFE731-2-2C (DEEC)
    • Axial/Centrifugal Flow Turbo Fan 3,500lbs at SL
  24. What are Variable inlet guide vanes and what controls them
    • Moveable vanes that direct air flow at different PWR settings to prevent surges and compressor stall.
    • Controled by Varable Geometry Acuator that uses fuel pressure supplied by the FCU. Var Geometry Acuator moves Var inlet guide vanes and 3,4,5 stage bleed ports
  25. Fire detection system for 20's and 30's
    Inconel metal lindberg Loops surrounding engine. Consist of inner metal wire surrounded by ceramic and then encased in metal sheath. if loop is severed then fire detection is lossed. Front section energizes Fire light at 480degF, Rear at 510degF

    30's the same except that front rated at 410degF and rear at 890degF to turn on fire light.
  26. Describe Fire Protection
    • 1. 2 Fire bottles W/ Halon
    • 2. Each bottle has 2 squibs that can direct Halon to either engine through check valves
    • 3. 2 Armed lights on each engine that fire the bottles when pushed
    • 4. Fire light on each engine if pushed
    • 1. closes fuel, hydraulic and Bleed
    • (510 cabin) valves
    • 2. Energizes the armed lights
    • 3. Energizes Pin head lights
    • 5. Thermal discharge disc (Pilot side fwd) is popped out if one or both bottles over pressurized - >217degF
    • Manual discharge disc (Pilot side aft) is popped out if one or both bottles were manualy discharged.
  27. Purpose of H Valve
    • Conditions bleed air going to cabin by blending air cooled by heat exchanger and hot bleed air to control cabin temp.
    • Controled w/ Hot/Cold switch when in manual mode.
  28. What does the EPV (Emer Press Valve) do and when does it go into Emer.
    Valve switches Pressurization from Norm to Emer. It is spring loaded in the Emer position and is electrically control Pneumatically acuated to the Norm position.

    • Emer Pressurization mode activated if
    • 1. Loss of electrical Pwr & switch on
    • 2. Loss of servo air press & switch on
    • 3. Pressurization aneriod senses cabin Alt 9,500ft +/-250
    • 4. Switch is put to Emer
  29. When to turn on Anti-Icing Equip?
    Before entering Visible moisture W/ temp at or below +10degC
  30. Explain Stab and wing heat
    • Stab & Wing heat switch energizes system
    • Wings recieve bleed air when the Wittaker valve opens. The bleed air is ducted through the leading edges (heats them) and is dumped overboard through the scuppers. Wings have OV HT sensor that turns on wing OV HT light at 215degF and have Temp Gages.
    • Horizantal Stab is heated w/ electric blanket.
    • Leading edge portion is heated constantly (W/ switch on)
    • A sequence timer cycles 3 pairs of elements in 15sec intervals sequentially (1,2,3,1,2,3)
    • Stab Warning light turns on if Pwr is lossed to the heat elements.
    • Stab heat disabled on the Grnd by Squat switch.
  31. Explain operation of the Windsheild Heat system
    • 1. Its controlled w/ an Auto/Manual & On/Off switches & In Norm/Out Defog knob.
    • 2.In auto mode the defog valve fully opens (which turns on WSHLD Heat light)
    • On the Grnd a 215degF limit switch closes the defog valve (which turns off WSHLD Heat light) and turns WSHLD OV'HT light on
    • In the air 215degF limit switch closes the defog valve (which turns off WSHLD Heat light)
    • If 215deg limit switch fails a 250degF closes Pressure regulating valve and turns WSHLD OV'HT light on and WSHLD Heat light stays on
    • 3. The In Norm/Out Defog knob directs air to windsheild (Out Defog) or Foot warmers (In Norm)
  32. How much fluid does the hydraulic reservior hold?
  33. What are the limitations on the Aux hydraulic pump?
    • 1. 3mins On(of pump operating) then 20mins off
    • 2. Use Mil Spec H5606 Fluid
    • 3. If Temp outside is -25degC then run engines for 3mins before using any hydraulic system
  34. Explain operation of Aux Hydraulic pump.
    Turning Aux Hydraulic pump switch on energizes the pressure switch. When the pressure switch senses < 1200PSI then it turns on Aux pump. When pressure switch senses 1400PSI the AUx pump turns off.
  35. HYD PRESS light turns on when?
    If system pressure is < 1200PSI
  36. What holds Landing Gear up and down?
    • UP - Nose gear - up latch
    • Main gear inboard doors - Up latch
    • Main gear - Hydraulic Pressure
    • Down- Intergal Downlocks
  37. What should Emergency Air read for Preflight?
    1800 to 3000 PSI
  38. Emergency Landing Gear Extension procedure.
    • 1. Check emergency air for 1800-3000PSI
    • 2. Make sure Gear handle in down Position
    • 3. Pull the Gear Circuit Breaker
    • 4. Pull Emergency Gear Extention Lever
    • 5. Never use Aux Pump to put gear down or for anything untill gear has been blown down.
  39. How to set Parking Break?
    Pull out parking break knob and then push breaks or push breaks then pull Knob.
  40. What indication will you see after an emergency gear extention?
    3 green and 2 red
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