English Final

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  1. Correst MLA format for books:
    Cox, Kristi. Northwestern Football. Chicago: McMillen. 1997
  2. Correct MLA Format for magazines:
    Vader, Darth. "My Years With The Force." The Dark Side.
  3. Correct Parenthetical citation for magazines:
    Yoda is often dismissed as a "short, kind of furry, green little creep" (Vader 32).
  4. Theseus
    Duke of Athens
  5. Hippolyta
    queen of th Amazons
  6. Egeus
    Father to Hermia
  7. Philostrate
    Master to the revels to theseus
  8. Hermia
    Loves Lysander
  9. Helena
    Loves Demetrius
  10. Demetrius
    Doesn't love helena but then he does
  11. Lysander
    Loves hermia
  12. Bottom
    weaver (Pyramus)
  13. Quince
    Carpenter (Prolouge)
  14. Snug
    Joiner (lion)
  15. Starvling
    tailor (Moonshine)
  16. Flute
    bellows -mender (thisbe)
  17. Snout
    tinker (wall)
  18. Oberon
    King of fairies
  19. Titania
    queen of fairies
  20. Puck
    robin goodfellow or hobgoblin
  21. Theme
    The general idea or insight about like that the author wishes to express
  22. Simile
    Comparison of two unlike things using like or as
  23. Metaphor
    The comparison of two unlike things
  24. Alliteration
    • The repetition of initial sounds in neighboring words
    • Jumping for joy, Dime a dozen, Bigger and Better
  25. Assonance
    • repetition of vowel sounds
    • Fleet feet sweep by sleeping geeks
  26. Consonance
    • the repitition of consonant sounds
    • Lady lounges lazily, dark deep dread crept in
  27. Personification
    Giving human qualities to animals or object
  28. Imagery
    Language that evokes one or all of the five sences ; seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, touching
  29. Prose
    Spoken or written language as in ordinary usage
  30. Mood
    the emotional attitude the author takes towards hir subject
  31. Tone
    The attitude a writer takes towards a subject or charecter; serious, humorous, sarcastic, ironic
  32. Foreshadowing
    The use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in literature
  33. Soliloquy
    An utterance by a person who is talking to himself or is oblivious to any hearers present
  34. Flashback
    actor that interupts to show an event that happened at an earlier time which is necessary to better understanding
  35. Monologue
    Speech were only one person talks
  36. Aside
    An actors speech directed to the audience that is not sopposed to be heard by other actors on stage
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