SAT lesson 7

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  1. abhor
    to regard with extreme repugnance; to detest utterly; to loathe
  2. accolade
    praise, an award
  3. ascetic
    one who leads a life of self-denial and contemplation; absent of luxury
  4. bequeath
    to hand down, to give or to leave in a will
  5. charlatan
    one who claims to know something that he does not, a quack
  6. conflagration
    a large fire
  7. dearth
    a lack, a scarcity
  8. diffidence
    shyness, reserve, unassertiveness
  9. effervescent
    showing high spirits
  10. ethereal
    heavenly, unusually delicate, light, lacking material substance, intangible
  11. expunge
    to remove, to erase
  12. guile
    deceitfulness, duplicity
  13. implausible
    not believable
  14. incongruity
    nonconformity, disagreement, incompatibility
  15. insularity
    qualities of an island; narrow-mindedness of opinion
  16. morose
    being sullen or gloomy
  17. placate
    to appease or to pacify by making consessions
  18. poignant
    piercing, incisive, and keen
  19. provincial
    lacking sophistication, narrow-minded
  20. reiterate
    to repeat
  21. spontaneous
    having no external cause, acting on impulse
  22. synthesis
    combining parts into a whole
  23. toxic
  24. vigilant
    very alert, watchful
  25. voluble
    ability to use words easily, fluent and glib
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