SAT lesson 8

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  1. acquiesce
    to give in, to comply
  2. affinity
    a likeness, a natural relationship, a kinship
  3. blasphemous
    irreverent, profane
  4. buttress
    a support or prop
  5. circumspect
    careful to consider consequences, cautious, prudent
  6. corroboration
  7. deplete
    to use up gradually, to lessen in amount or value
  8. despotic
    ruling oppressively and absolutely; tyrannical
  9. emaciated
    very thin (usually as a result of salvation), wasting away
  10. empirical
    based on observation or experiment and not on theory
  11. extraneous
    not essential or vital
  12. fallow
    inactive, plowed but not sowed
  13. homogeneous
    of the same kind
  14. hyperbole
    obvious exaggeration
  15. incontrovertible
  16. irascible
    irritable, easily angered, cranky, cross
  17. laconic
    using a minimum of words; concise to the point of seeming rude
  18. magnanimity
    having a lofty, generous, and courageous spirit
  19. iousobsequo
    overly attentive, like a sycophant, servile
  20. proliferation
    an increase in number, multiplication
  21. scrupulous
    very principled, very careful and conscientious
  22. sublime
    exalted, noble, uplifting
  23. surreptitious
    secret, clandestine, stealthy
  24. veracity
    devotion to the truth
  25. zeal
    enthusiasm, fervor
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