SAT lesson 10

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  1. abstracted
    removed in htought from the immediate situation, lost in one's own mind
  2. adulation
    extreme praise or admiration
  3. adversity
    misfortune, unfavorable happening
  4. burgeon
    to sprout, to newly emerge
  5. chimera
    a fantasy; a horrible creature of the imagination
  6. culpable
    deserving blame; guilty
  7. decadent
  8. entreaty
    a plea, an earnest request
  9. fatuous
    foolish, silly in an obnoxious way, inane
  10. humane
    kind, compassionate, sympathetic and considerate
  11. indulgent
    lenient, especially toward oneself
  12. ineptness
    lack of competence or judgment
  13. ingrate
    an ungrateful person
  14. inundate
    to flood, to overflow
  15. miser
    one who lives in wretched circumstances to save hoard money
  16. nefarious
    extremely wicked, evil, vicious
  17. prattle
    meaningless sounds, babble
  18. predilection
  19. procrastinate
    to defer action; to delay
  20. stoic
    a stiocal person; not showing passion or feeling, indifference, impassive
  21. suffrage
    right to vote
  22. summon
    to call together, to send for or to request to appear
  23. transparent
    quality of being able to be seen through, clear
  24. turbulence
    wild or disturbing activity
  25. viable
    capable of working, functioning, or developing adquately
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